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Metro's realty - where would be better?

Topic: Investments

The investors of real estate suppose that property investments in metros better than parking funds in properties in tier II and III cities. Generally glitter of big cities and availability of infrastructure facilities gives an impression of large growth prospects in term of returns. This is further characterized by the factors like sequential progress of industrialization and corporatisation followed by commercial and residential development.

With real estate competition becoming fiercer in metros, most builders have taken a turn towards smaller cities. This certainly makes sense to consider investing in strong tier- II and II cities. The most important part is not to invest in cities devoid of commercial development and basic aspects of growth.

The parameters of making investments in smaller cities largely depend on general charm of the city including real estate cost, cost of living index, physical and social infrastructure.

However, the possibility of earning appreciation lies in direct proportion with the economic activities and business environment of that city. Moreover, property prices in tier II & III cities are quite affordable. These cities are regularly adopting new trends in real estate. One of such new additions is the concept of ownership apartments.

So at the conclusion, we advised you all your real estate to invest in fundamentally strong tier II and III cities as recommended all real estate investors.


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