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» Foreclosure Laws in California (CA)

Folsom, CA
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  • California real estate news
  • Price dynamics for 2 zip code(s) (1 falling)
  • 12 school(s): availability and contingent by zip codes
  • 27 real estate agent(s) and 19 testimonials!


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    Housing prices

    Folsom, CA  mean real estate prices
    Mean state pricesFolsom, CA mean prices

    Real estate news

    An audit by San Francisco county officials of about 400 recent foreclosures there determined that al...
    » CA   » Foreclosure02/16/2012
    The housing crisis, which first devastated borrowers who purchased lower-cost homes with subprime lo...
    » CA   » Foreclosure02/07/2012
    The number of new foreclosures in 2011 dropped nearly 40 percent, according to year-end numbers just...
    » CA   » Foreclosure01/30/2012

    ZIP information

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    change last month
    SchoolsWhat`s nearby
    95630$525,790-19%12 schoolsgas station, ☕ , ☪ , 🍔 , 🦄 , 🛍 , 🍏 , 🎭
  • Folsom, CA schools


    Real estate agents


    Sandy Jaquish


    Debbi Holloman


    Tom and Gwen Conway


    Tim Lam


    Scott McCoy


    Debra Miller


    Cindy Reynolds


    Romilee Chain


    Manuel Kniznik


    Iris Tran


    Mark Whisler


    Jeff Werolin


    Richard Corbett


    Ron Kern


    Chris Nwakobi


    Terrie Lynn Bradley


    Ben Varakuta


    Deborah Hawes


    Dave Lopez


    Dave Hallauer


    Jeff Hoffman


    Denise Rooker


    Ralph J. Pratt


    Lin Nielsen & Thelma Cory


    John Leonardi


    Gena Riede


    Latest testimonials:


    REALTOR: Lin Nielsen & Thelma Cory
    Loved loved loved this from got our Thelma and Louise on' to stopping for road suplipes to Maid of the Mist merriment. Great memories in the making, thanks for bringing us along. I've been a couple times, including taking my 14 year old brother and his friend the summer I graduated from university. Have to admit I was always jealous that Canada had the uniquely shaped Horseshoe Falls and the US just had the plain old straight falls, lol! And Drie Culturen, I would LOVE to see Victoria Falls.
    read more... 07/24/2013


    REALTOR: Dave Hallauer
    If you can file bankruptcy you sholud, if the foreclosure is inevitable. The bankruptcy along with this horrible economy and many banks mishandling of foreclosures will put a big stall on the foreclosure process.The other reason for filing bankruptcy before a foreclosure is that it may discharge you from your mortgage. If you are not discharged you may be still liable for a deficiency which is the difference between the balance of the mortgage and what a foreclosure sale price will be. Your credit afterward?Well a foreclosure will stay on your credit report for 7 years but with 2 years of good credit meaning no negatives you will be able to be well on your way to enjoying credit again.
    read more... 07/21/2013
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