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» Foreclosure process in Florida (FL)

Delray Beach, FL
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  • Florida real estate news
  • Price dynamics for 9 zip code(s) (5 rising, 3 falling)
  • 20 school(s): availability and contingent by zip codes
  • 34 real estate agent(s) and 15 testimonials!


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    » SC   » Foreclosure05/02/2008
    In Montana both judicial or in court and non judicial or out of court foreclosure processes are used...
    » MT   » Foreclosure05/02/2008
    Washington also uses in-court and out of court foreclosure proceedings. Judicial or in-court foreclo...
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    Housing prices

    Delray Beach, FL  mean real estate prices
    Mean state pricesDelray Beach, FL mean prices

    Real estate news

    South Florida real estate developer Martin Margulies has been sitting on prime ocean-front property ...
    » FL   » Real Estate news03/15/2012
    If South Florida was the capital of mortgage fraud, Victor Wolf's home was arguably the epicenter, c...
    » FL   » Real Estate news02/27/2012
    South Florida's housing crash may be old news, but recent data offer some valuable perspective. ...
    » FL   » Real Estate news01/20/2012

    ZIP information

    ZIPMean home price
    change last month
    SchoolsWhat`s nearby
    33406$211,2034%7 schoolssynagogue
    33444$338,868-11%8 schoolstheatre, ⛽ , ☕ , 🦄
    33445$204,65824%3 schoolsmcdonalds, ⛽ , ✡
    33446$314,663-41%gas station, ☕ , 🎭 , ✡
    33483$494,440-12%1 school
    33484$210,72398%1 schoolwalmart, ✡
  • Delray Beach, FL schools


    Real estate agents


    Jackie Allen


    Richard Bass


    Arlene Rampulla


    Sandra Humphrey


    Karen Rose


    AJ Zaki


    Jean-Luc Andriot


    Cameron Miller


    Haywood Davis


    Sheree Lewis


    Marie Anderson, Realtor


    The Sunshine


    Tony & Shelly Petrolia


    Jeff Lempke


    Jim Mclane


    Isabella Scott


    Michele Steele


    Colleen Schrieber


    Neill Beren


    Stuart, Doris and Craig Zeuner


    Mark Doran


    Jill & Herb Levitt


    Dan Nathanson


    Patti Baker


    John Kavazanjian


    Jenniffer Lee


    Barney Hurwitz


    Eric Zaner


    Marilyn Jacobs


    Vera L. Ramos


    Sagine Morgan


    Todd Breen


    Jill & Herb Levitt


    Latest testimonials:

    Lulu m

    REALTOR: AJ Zaki
    AJ is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful brokers in town. He made a difficult transaction easy!
    read more... 03/07/2013


    REALTOR: Isabella Scott
    This generally is a exact intrenet site if everyone wants to see and related to concerning this matter. You notice a good deal its more or less demanding so that you can argue for you (not that i must say a totally free likely needHaHa). You it goes without saying put a different whirl in the topic thats been recently discussed for countless years. Nice supplements, just fantastic!
    read more... 05/01/2012

    R zalman

    REALTOR: AJ Zaki
    Very knowledgable,he helped my mother buying a condo for a great price. Definitely I would recommend him
    read more... 06/21/2011


    REALTOR: Jean-Luc Andriot
    Arrogant, attitude, not knowledgeable of local market, do not recommend him did not have a good experience.
    read more... 07/19/2010

    Joan Lapadula

    REALTOR: Arlene Rampulla
    We have used her for every home with have bought or sold, a professional realtor she certainly takes the time and tries her hardest to match you to what you are looking for. Would not use anyone else when it comes to real estate, kind lady
    read more... 02/07/2010

    Mae Gellman

    REALTOR: Arlene Rampulla
    The most professional, knowledgable and caring realtor I have ever had the pleasure dealing with, she is a real person, she cares
    read more... 02/07/2010


    REALTOR: Arlene Rampulla
    she is preciously defines the term realtor! shes pushy! arrogant, immature, rude, and can only think about her self!
    read more... 08/05/2009
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