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A story of a true South Jersey builder and the correct way to build your dream home

Topic: Construction

As the owner of Allison Paul Builders in Brigantine, Ralph Busco builds a lot of spectacular homes. A South Jersey Builder to count on. Surrounded by the Atlantic waterways, there is never a shortage of vistas or vision when it comes to high-end construction. "I would take my wife through south jersey homes that I had finished," explains Busco. And while he knew the nuts and bolts of every project, his wife, Kim, saw each finished home for the first time and "wished for a house like the ones I build for other people," he says. Today, Kim's wish has come true. Having moved into their 5,000-square-foot, three-story Brigantine home with incredible views of both the Atlantic City skyline and the waters of the bay, the Buscos have created a haven not just for themselves, but also for their children and someday their children's children. The home maximizes the space on the long, narrow lot. Busco credits architect Nicholas Ludovich, AIA, with having the expertise to develop the blueprint from his initial sketch. Busco used many of the same processes he relies on when building a south jersey home for a client. Before the foundation is even laid, he checks out the skyline using a bucket truck and real time. Since shore homes are designed to capitalize on their surroundings, he knows it's important to get a bird's-eye view of exactly what each room will offer. "I own a boom lift with a bucket, and we take the architect and the client up, measuring from the ground to see where each room lines out," explains the builder. From there, the couple simply invented each of the interior spaces using their vision of how they wanted to live in the home. All three levels offer a unique contribution to the whole. The foundation is limestone and incorporates rounded, raised garden beds, which, along with the rest of the lot, were landscaped by Macchione Landscaping in Galloway. Durable CertainTeed siding is trimmed in moisture-resistant AZEK, which was hand-worked specifically for each application. From the window frames to the barn-style garage door, the contrast of white trim against the tan siding creates a vibrant exterior palette. The 2-by-6 framing with plywood walls increases wind resistance. And soundproofing on interior walls, combined with solid, core doors, eliminates unnecessary noise throughout. Inside, the first level is dominated by a large, comfortable game room painted Ginger Jar red. The flooring here looks exactly like hardwood, but is actually tile laid in a herringbone pattern and framed in a contrasting border. Tile Solutions Corporation of Absecon recommends this product where moisture is a consideration. On the second level is the kitchen, great room, dining room, and two bedrooms, each with its own full bath complete with heated tile floors. Kim decorated the entire home for comfort and company. Her base wall color in the middle level was Light Clay, and she built from below using the lustrous shine of the Brazilian cherry hardwood floors to keep the circulation flowing from room to room. Avalon Carpet Tile & Flooring supplied and installed the hardwood and also helped with some of the window treatments. Lighting is an important element and, because she had toured enough of her husband's finished projects, Kim knew exactly what to ask for. Dimmer switches throughout help her utilize light as a key component. Since kitchen areas require abundant lighting, she combined the variable dimmers and backlit, glass-front cabinets with pendant lighting above the island and recessed lighting in the work area. She also added touches of metallic tile along the backsplash and used stainless steel knobs and fixtures to match the appliances. A large piece of Arandis Yellow granite from Stone Crafters in Egg Harbor tops the kitchen island. The island's unique T-shaped design helps create a functional work triangle. Eggshell cabinets with a white glaze give the room a French country ambiance. At the top level, the master suite is painted in the appropriately named Head for the Beach to establish a restful color palette. The home is wired throughout for sound with a Bose System, which is the perfect accompaniment to the awesome views from the seating area overlooking the waters of the bay. His-and-her walk-in closets complete with a laundry chute down to the first floor make the room a functional refuge. The large master bath combines a mix of gold and silver finishes because Kim says she isn't afraid to mix metals, or woods, or colors. "If it looks good and you like it-then I think it works," she says. Before they saw the finished project, some of the Buscos' friends questioned their sanity. With one son in college and a daughter not far behind, it would seem that they would have downsized. But the Buscos saw it differently. "A lot of people asked us why we were building a bigger house," says Ralph. Kim completes her husband's thought. "What we found is that the kids come home and bring friends with them. We wanted to make it a haven for them so they have their own space and their own things to do. This home will be a gathering place," she says.

South Jersey Builders AlisonPaul Builders in Brigantine New Jersey is committed to 100% satisfaction from not only day one but long after you live in your dream home. Customer service with AlisonPaul continues for the life of your home. Call Ralph Busco today at 609-266-0591 to begin your dream home journey

by G Gray


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Melissa, thanks for cnhekicg in as always. I think all attorneys should at least study the LEED requirements because they'll be a part of a lot of construction contracts in the future.Christopher G. Hill recently posted..
read more... 12/18/2012

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