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Foreclosure laws in Kansas (KS)

Topic: Foreclosure

From beginning to end the typical foreclosure in Kansa runs 147 days. Kansas is one of the few states that only allows for judicial or in court foreclosure. This means that the bank must seek the court's permission to pursue the sale of the home.

The first step that the bank will take is to file a petition for mortgage foreclosure with the court. This petition is then served upon the home owner and any other named upon the home owner and any other named defendants. If any defendant cannot be located, then the notification of the petition can be done through an ad in the paper, once the banks attorney has been successful in getting this petition with the court. Should the homeowner/defendant not file an answer, the court will enter a journal entry of judgment. If the homeowner does not file an answer contesting the foreclosure, the bank and the borrower can mitigate the process and it can even go to trial. When the judgment is entered in favor of the bank, the homeowner is given only ten days to pay the amount due. After this time, if the money is not paid, then the foreclosure sale can be scheduled. The next step is the Sheriff's sale. A notice announcing the sheriff's sale will be advertised in local newspaper with circulation in the county where the home is located. This ad must be run once a week for three weeks. Within seven to fourteen days following the last day the ad is run in the paper, the sheriff's sale will be held. The sale begins with the opening bid being made by the bank. That price will always be the amount owed on the first mortgage.

The highest bid offered at the sale is the winning bid and the new owner of the home. I've done a lot of research. I've attended many sales. The amount of money owed on most homes going to auction is higher that market value and certainly more than leaves any room for an investor to make money on a purchase. Ninety percent of homes going to auction these days are going back to the bank. They are not being bid on. This is due to the current swing in the economy. A couple years ago, auctions were a good place to find value in purchasing a home. The high bid at the auction is given a certificate of purchase.

In Kansas the redemption period for the former home owner begins the day of the sale. The redemption period is the time allotted to the borrower/homeowner to regain ownership of the home if they wish to do so. There are two lengths of redemption periods. The time period is tied to the percent of the principle balance that has been paid off before the foreclosure begins. If more than one third of the principle balance of the loan has been paid off, then the former home owner is given twelve months to regain ownership of the home. If less than one third of the principle of the loan has been paid off, then the former home owner is given only three months to regain ownership of the home. To exercise this right of redemption, the home owner must pay the amount of the highest bid plus other interest and fees that apply. This would make buying back the house pretty expensive in most cases, so it doesn't happen very often. Once the right of redemption period has passed and the home has not been redeemed, then the sheriff's deed will be recorded and the final transfer of ownership will be complete.


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I believe you have purcoded numerous rather interesting points. Not too many others would actually think about this the direction you just did. I am really impressed that there is so much about this subject that has been uncovered and you did it so nicely, with so considerably class. Topnotch one, man! Really fantastic things right here.
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A non-judicial foreclosure allwos the lender to use the ???power of sale clause??? in the mortgage document to force sale of the property without a court order.Because the non-judicial foreclosure uses powers granted to the lender in the mortgage document, which is executed by the borrower at the time the loan is made, the property sale is, in essence, already ???authorized??? by the borrower. When you sign a mortgage document, you are agreeing in advance to sell your property at public auction if you do not pay the debt as agreed in the note.
read more... 10/01/2012

I could do that, but was told it would cost $5000. Later, I went to a bank and related this qutsoien to the lady the qutsoien of why it costs so much for a refi, to which she replied it was because there would be more closing costs. She then said they could to a modification. She said she knew it could be done once, but she didn't know if it could be done more than once.
read more... 09/30/2012

1. In Discovery ask for the NOTE and Pooling and Servicing Agreement.2. This story only came to light because the styesm ran out of borrowers.3. The State Politicians are only on board because the state Pensions can't be paid.4. Housing will be based on cash deals only. No more loans.5. Look for TARP 2 to bail out the Investors.6. This uncovered fraud will destroy the value of the dollar, whats left.7. Look for a Bank Holiday Soon.8. America is Done, Babylon is out of time.
read more... 05/04/2012

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