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House, Miami Beach

Topic: Home buying

The city of Miami Beach in Miami-Dade County, Florida, stands on a barrier island nestled between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The city is considered to be one of the most popular beach resorts in US, with millions of tourists flocking here every year. An equitable climate that lasts all year, friendly locals, low crime rates, the presence of some renowned educational institutions, state-of-the-art health care facilities, an eclectic artistic milieu, and ample recreational opportunities draw these home-seekers and through the recent years, real estate has seen quite a boom in Miami Beach. For many looking for their dream house, Miami Beach is the best place to search.

If you are looking for a house, Miami Beach will spoil you with choices aplenty: sprawling bungalows fitted with all the modern amenities, condominiums with ample space to lounge around, luxurious villas that command spectacular views of the ocean, beach-front houses that are suitably-sized for multiple families, and quaint townhouses that still retain their charming old world ambience. Furthermore, there are houses to suit every wallet. The median value of a house in Miami Beach ranges from $235, 300 to as much as $1,145, 100.

The South Beach area of Miami Beach and the Millionaire's Row in Mid-Beach are real estate destinations of choice for high-end buyers. The more budget-conscious discerning buyer can opt for a house in Miami Beach in the surfside area. A peaceful and clean residential area of Miami Beach, Surfside has not seen an increase in property tax rates for more than a decade and for this reason alone is has received the stamp of approval from many home buyers. Those looking for chic and glamour can look no further than BAL Harbor, flourishing with charming low-rise apartment blocks, supremely luxurious high-rise condominiums, and gated communities. Construction is also in full swing in the Sunny Isles Beach area of Miami Beach and you can have your pick from the many elegant apartments here.

The Palm Beach and North Palm Beach areas of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale region have got the nod from thousands who have voted these neighborhoods as the best places to retire in close vicinity to a metropolitan area.

Scout around the popular Miami Beach real estate neighborhoods: City Center, Bay Harbor Islands, Fisher Islands, Normandy Shores, Collins Avenue, Alton Road, and Fountain Street and zero in on the house of your choice. If this seems like too much of a bother, call a Miami Beach real estate agent and let them do the house hunting for you. There are many experienced and efficient real estate agents who service the Miami Beach area and they will be only too willing to help you out with a Miami Beach townhouse or a Miami Beach luxury apartment.

by Bryan Halda


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le canzoni nn sono male, ma gli atatcchi con vitrtual dj nn sono buoni si sente troppo la canzone di sotto sta cosa che suoni davanti a 900 persone e loro urlano e saltano mmm . nn so se credere o no, metti un video in cui fai vedere che c sai fare e allora t si crede, ma cn degli atatcchi cosec ..scusa se te lo dico ma nn sono per niente buoni (te lo dico perche8 uso pure io virtual dj)
read more... 12/21/2012

cretino ci sec tu e da spakki'i to me0! io mixo nelle moliigri discoteche della mia citte0 e ho frequentato i moliigri dj e pr della mia citte0 non mi farebbero suonare i miei amici pr davanti a 900 persone se non sapessi mixare non credi? quando ci sono io dietro la console la gente salta e URLA! percif2 statti zitto prima di dire le cose, che di certo non me le devi insegnare tu coglione
read more... 12/21/2012

Dear P.,Sorry I have not been entertaining! I'm rlelay glad you are reading. I was a little pressed for time on the last posting. But let me tell you there is always something interesting happening at the Argosy. We just had Turkey Rod Run and all these buildings built in 1953 were remembering the way it was when they were new. The antique cars just took them back in time. We have pics of when the motel was new. We'll be posting it as soon as we can. The Argosy looked just like those old pics just days ago during the Thanksgiving Holiday. The whole town was full of old cars and people that love them. It was great!Sincerely,Sharon, one half of the beach bums
read more... 12/17/2012

Hey, that's the gertsaet! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?
read more... 08/10/2011

read more... 01/22/2010

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