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Where to Ski in Park City Utah

Topic: Home buying

Utah is known to have the greatest snow on earth. Skiers from all around the globe make sure to visit Utah at least once in their lifetime in order to have the experience of skiing on the powder that is only found in Utah.

Many skiers claim that Utah has one of the best resort towns as well. That would be Park City, the home of the Sundance film festival and main hub for many of the events in the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Park City is the place to ski when visiting Utah. There are three world class resorts found within 10 miles of each other.

Park City Mountain Resort

The Park City Mountain Resort is well known around the state of Utah for its great family friendly atmosphere. This resort has a great program for helping children to learn how to ski.

The Signature Kids 5 and 3 programs are designed to help children learn how to ski while their parents can enjoy a few runs down the slopes. Most kids only take the program once, which lasts for three sessions.

For adults, there are 16 lifts that are available, and over 115 different runs ranging from double black diamond for the experts, and the bunny hill for those trying to get the hang of it.

Not only do skiers enjoy their time at this wonderful resort, but there is also a tubing hill for those that are more adventurous. The Gorgoza tubing hill is a well lit run, with an automatic tube lift, that stretches over a quarter of a mile.

The Canyons Resort

The Canyons Resort is an experience like none other. As one of the 3 largest ski resorts in North America, this is definitely a must when it comes to visiting ski resorts in Park City.

The Canyons Resort is only located 30 minutes away from the Salt Lake City airport. The resort covers over 3,700 acres of mountain terrain that can be enjoyed by any level of skier.

The Canyons Resort caters to folks who really love to ski and snowboard and can appreciate how well the diverse terrain holds and protects an average annual 355 inch bounty of snow. Whether you visit as a family, a group or a single, you'll find endless terrain for every style and ability.

Deer Valley Ski Resort

Deer Valley is one of the finest ski resorts in the world, and they have a price tag to back it up. Deer Valley is known as the high class ski resort to many of the locals in Utah.

Deer Valley has been around for a little over 30 years, and has revolutionized the way that a ski resort can be managed. They were the first ski resort that stepped into the luxury side of the ski business.

With world class lodges, dining services, ski school and more, Deer Valley is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for any ski lover to experience when they visit Park City.

The resort is easily accessed off of the interstate highway. Deer valley Resort does a great job at making your ski vacation a truly magnificent experience.

Deer Valley Ski Resort has been ranked by Ski Magazine in the top 5 ski resorts in the world for the last nine years. Deer valley never stops trying to make their guests skiing experience the best of a lifetime.

Park City is truly an area that is full of fun and plenty of opportunities for any ski fanatic. There is definitely a variety of resorts and runs for any level of skier to enjoy when they visit Park City.

by Terry Daniels


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Big help, big help. And superlative news of cuorse.
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