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3 Powerful Staging Secrets For Selling Your Westfield, New Jersey Home

Topic: Home selling

Staging is one of the most essential parts to successfully selling a home in Westfield, New Jersey. The difference between good staging and bad staging is usually the difference between a house that sells. Here we'll briefly go over some staging basics, then jump into 3 little known secrets that can really help you increase your staging effectiveness.

Staging Basics

The purpose of staging is to make your house as appealing as possible to the buyer. The first step is to empty the house out, leaving just a few key pieces of furniture to help set the vibe. Make sure all necessary repairs are done.

Clean the carpets, walls and especially the front lawn and your doorway, as that's your buyer's first impression.

The 3 Staging Secrets

Secret #1 - Scent.

Most people don't realize how important scent is. Out of the five senses, scent actually has the strongest direct link to our emotions. Since most buyers buy based on emotions, it's vital that you make sure your house smells great.

Secret #2 - Lighting.

Most people underestimate how important lighting is when it comes to staging. Open all the curtains and turn on all the lights. If it's still too dim, get some extra lights to help with lighting. A brightly lit home seems cheery, while a dark come seems gloomy.

Secret #3 - Collect Contract Info and Follow up.

Collecting the contact information of your potential buyers or their agent's contact info allows you to drastically increase the chances of them returning or making an offer. Less experienced real estate agents are less likely to want to make "warm calls" (cold calls from leads,) so be sure you're working with an agent who's willing to do this if you want to use this tactic.

by Peter Jordan


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It's good to see someone thniinkg it through.
read more... 12/18/2012

I can alerady tell that's gonna be super helpful.
read more... 08/11/2011

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