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Real Estate in Phoenix Arizona: Market and Financial Information for Home Sellers

Topic: Home selling

Look quickly and carefully around the city of Phoenix. Real estate in Phoenix Arizona has exploded to one of the fastest growing regions in the nation. The Phoenix real estate market is made up of 14 communities and a total population of 3,396,875 with a projected 2010 population of 4,145,000.

The workforce of real estate in Phoenix Arizona is young, talented and ambitious. It has been found that Phoenix real estate marketplace employees rated as significantly more productive than employees in similar company operations around the country.

With a cost of living lower than most other major metropolitan areas, real estate in Phoenix Arizona still remains affordable. Homes in the central Phoenix area have not been as affected as homes located further out from the metro Phoenix epicenter; due to gas, traffic, schools and accessibility to restaurants, bars and shopping. Evaluating the market value of a home is a complex equation with multiple variables. So, don't find yourself stuck on the headlines or searching sites on residential real estate for sellers in Phoenix with limited information. If you are considering selling your home it is best to start with finding a full time Phoenix real estate agent who you trust to properly provide you Phoenix Arizona property listings.

The aim of these sites on residential real estate for sellers in Phoenix is to provide free online real estate services and information that will facilitate and simplify the process of for buyerís and sellerís of Arizona property. Some real estate web sites also provide a Market Watch site to enable a quick snapshot of trends in the area. The Phoenix Arizona property listings include property categories such as residential homes, vacant land, raw acreage, large parcels, custom home lots & sites, commercial land and land development & investment properties for sale in the Phoenix Scottsdale metro area.

Factors need to be considered for home values today?

Unlike the yesterday's market of real estate in Phoenix where all you had to do was look at the recent sales of a neighborhood to find out what your comparable property is worth, property valuations today are not as simple. Here is a quick list of some of the important factors that need to be looked at when placing a value on your home.

1. Recent sales and current number of properties in Phoenix.

2. Six month trend comparisons of the active, pending and sold Phoenix Arizona Property Listings.

3. Phoenix real estate foreclosure activity.

4. Interest rates

5. Buyer outlook and motivation

6. Specific property location.

7. And more........


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This sounds like an inttreseing topic. With gas prices the way they are, it is so hard to make money showing land. Especially if you take the time and gas to check it out before the buyers appointment.
read more... 12/19/2012

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