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Football and Foreclosure are Connected

Topic: Loans and Credits

Dear Reader, have you ever thought that Football and Foreclosure are connected, and I wonít to mention that if youíre not a football fan forgive me the following analogy. I have just recently gotten into football, because I find the process of winning games (and how each team implements the necessary steps differently) fascinating. I have also just made the connection of how winning the Super Bowl and surviving foreclosure go hand in hand.

Seem like a big leap? Just follow along - you'll see how the logic works.

At the beginning of every football season, a team's biggest goal is to win the Super Bowl. Well, how do they do that? They begin with a game plan, which breaks down what is necessary to reach that ultimate objective. The game plan looks something like this:

Win the Super Bowl, by...

Winning the Playoffs, which is achieved from...

Winning enough regular season games, by...

Scoring more points than the opposing team in each individual game in the regular season, which is achieved by...

Scoring some points, by...

Moving the ball downfield, by...

Getting some first downs, by...

Gaining yardage on the field, which is achieved by...

HAVING A PLAYBOOK that you follow which tells you which plays to run at what specific times so you can get the yardage necessary to win.

The Super Bowl is won by following the playbook. The playbook moves a team step by step (yard by yard) down the field towards touchdowns. Touchdowns win games, enough games win Playoffs, Playoffs win Super Bowls.

Now, following that analogy, what is YOUR objective?

To get out of foreclosure.

A more important question - now that you know your objective, what is your GAME PLAN?

Your game plan for thwarting foreclosure should include the following:

Developing a realistic understanding of your current financial position.

Developing a plan of action that can be communicated to your lender.

Estimating the amount of equity you have in your home.

Reviewing your repayment options.

Touching base with all possible resources to get the financial means to reinstate your loan.

Understanding your current deadlines: auction date, reinstatement date, payoff date, forbearance agreement acknowledgment, etc.

Take the time to develop a step-by-step game plan that will assist you in organizing your thoughts, plans, and paperwork. Don't wait another moment to make the decision to create a plan that will save your home - do it NOW.

Thatís what I wont you to tell about this for me it seemed very interesting.


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