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 » 6 steps you need to avoid Foreclosure

6 steps you need to avoid Foreclosure

Topic: Mortgage

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First try and talk with the lender it is pisbosle that something can be worked out. Banks and other lender really do not like to do forecloures unless they have to.Second, if that does not work consider bankruptcy. See a lawyer if this is something that is workable and worthwile in your situation. Upon filing foreclosure procedures will be automaticaly stopped. And it is likely that you will be able to work out a reaffiration agreement which will satisfy the trustee and the mortagor. There is also the possibility, if your qualify, of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, in which the mortgator will be forced to take payments that you can make.
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stay dont pay save up. keep trying to get a job but also there is new govnrement assistance to help you stay out of foreclosure. talk to department of health and human services if it doesnt work at least you will have saved up for you next place. but go out and get a couple of part time jobs while you look for a job in your chosen feild its better to have some money coming in while you look get a temp job you can work full time normal hours just sucky pay ya know. if you can catch up on your own its for the best. but if not stop paying and work the rest out. hell when it goes into foreclosure offer them half what its worth and buy your own house back or offer it just b4 its expencive for a bank to foreclose you have a little leverage
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