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 » Harvesters of Foreclosure Sorrow

Harvesters of Foreclosure Sorrow

Topic: Mortgage

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I would definitely never do such a thing for peasrnol property, such as my house, however I can see the benefits from a business perspective. For instance, if you had a mortgage for a business property, you might choose to do something along these lines to help your business grow a little faster in infancy. For instance, I know a guy who has $2 mil invested in a blueberry farm. Blueberries don't even produce anything for seven years. Year seven rolls around, he starts making money. Anything he can do in the meantime to minimize payments or push them off till later would probably make sense. But to reiterate I would never, ever ever consider doing something like this for peasrnol property.
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I haven't read Lord Valentine's Castle yet, no. It's currently in a drwear in Pete's house. I bought a couple of books in Ottawa Hellstrom's Hive which I'm reading now and A Spell for Chameleon. Depending on how quickly I can read those two, I'll probably make a start on LVC next week maybe on the flight back to blighty.According to Wikipedia, Robert Silverberg called Silverbob by George R R Martin has written a million books. Approximately. The only one I've read is Nightfall (co-written with Isaac Asimov) and it was very good (although something about the setting didn't make sense).
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