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Kevin Chinnock giving Top 10 forecasting tips for analyze Real estate market

Topic: Real Estate Technology

Nationally, 2010 witnessed an unavoidable tsunami in short sales and

forecloses for numerous investors, lenders and borrowers, as reported in mainstream

media. Here are the top 10 forecasting tips for analyze real market in the coming days.

1. Every year through 2015, there would be $ 250 to $ 300 billion in loans which

would emerge as dues from chopping centers, malls, office buildings, manufacturing

facilities, self storage, family apartment buildings, warehouses and commercial

properties, according to several finance companies and professional services


2. Sluggish job growth, scarce capital, declining rents and high vacancies would

continue to mount stress on commercial sectors across the country. Despite spurts

towards some positive activity, it could take till 2010 for witnessing sustainable

recovery for getting a foothold in the country.

3. However, adversity often begets opportunity. These more than negative predictions

and less positive economic conditions can create a chance of a lifetime for an

investor in 2010 and the next. The value of commercial properties are at their all time

cyclical lows, giving perhaps the best environment for acquisition the country has yet


4. Not to get overtly excited, as not all the notes becoming due would default. Several

investors would become successful in refinancing. Other would find buyers for

avoiding default while still others would work with lenders for short sales. There

would certainly be investors who would by bank-owned and foreclosed properties

which lenders put back for sale at bargain prices.

5. Finance and investment companies have also projected that commercial property

foreclosures would accelerate across the country. For building up their reserves for

losses, financial institutions have delayed “dropping the hammer” on distressed

borrowers. Following government bailouts, they are now ready for taking action.

6. Due to falling rents and higher vacancies, the country’s commercial real estate values

have started to reflect deteriorating financial performances in several regions of the

country. Problems regarding maturing debt and inability towards securing finance

would lead to aggravating defaults by several investors.

7. Loan defaults would continue and in many cases, increase at an unbelievable rate this

year. We could also anticipate the number of short sale and bank owned opportunities

to be in abundance throughout the next two years. Despite being an unfortunate

situation for distressed owners who might be forced to dispose their properties or

lose them at foreclosures or short sale, it would bring a wave of opportunities for an

investor who would play an important role in the correction.

8. These well funded and well financed investors would be snapping up bank owned,

bargain priced and commercial short selling opportunities.

9. Property prices are likely to continue their decline through 2010 despite building sales

increasing. This is largely due to the number of distressed properties sold at depressed


10. The silver lining is that the present slowdown would be a great time to strike get

bargains. No wonder, most millionaires in the country were made during the great


It’s needless to say that the above pointers are not definitive and neither are they

prophecies. With every move in almost every industry linked to global ripples, the real

estate or property market might witness a revival, earlier than expected.


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