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» Foreclosure Laws in Alabama (AL)

Prattville, AL
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  • Alabama real estate news
  • Price dynamics for 3 zip code(s) (1 rising, 1 falling)
  • 9 school(s): availability and contingent by zip codes
  • 6 real estate agent(s) and 9 testimonials!


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    Housing prices

    Prattville, AL average real estate prices
    Avg. state pricesPrattville, AL avg. prices

    Prattville, AL prices in 2020
    Prattville, AL housing prices in 2020
    Avg. state pricesPrattville, AL avg. prices

    Prattville, AL prices in 2019
    Prattville, AL housing prices in 2019
    Avg. state pricesPrattville, AL avg. prices

    Prattville, AL prices in 2018
    Prattville, AL housing prices in 2018
    Avg. state pricesPrattville, AL avg. prices

    Prattville, AL prices in 2017
    Prattville, AL housing prices in 2017
    Avg. state pricesPrattville, AL avg. prices

    Real estate news

    The state of Alabama allows for both judicial or in-court and non-judicial or out of court foreclosu...
    » AL   » Foreclosure05/03/2008

    ZIP information

    ZIPAvg. home price
    change last month
    SchoolsWhat`s nearby
    36066$240,000-20%1 schoolwalmart, ☕
    36067$249,90051%8 schoolsmcdonalds, 🦄 , 🍏 , ⛽ , 🎭
  • Prattville, AL schools


    Real estate agents


    Karen Nault


    Rodger Tunnell


    Lucretia Cauthen


    Melissa Hammonds


    Jere Whitehouse


    Latest testimonials:


    REALTOR: Karen Nault
    Than you for posting this Karen., ..on the 2nd photo, I didn't know you were going to pliubsh this one with Mike Harker's write up. We had a little BBQ at my ranch yesterday, kind of our own, very un-official Mike Harker memorial deal, just kinda came together at the last minute. BEFORE anybody chimes in here about Timmie Guckes's catalina run in under 1 hour in 1966, pulled by Bob Nordskog, (hands out front, behind a 18 ft. flat bottom, btw) You will not find this in the record books as whoever was running the race that year would not recognize it as a record because they didn't do it in the boat they started with. Seem's the 1st boat wasn't running up to par so they turned around after they had started, dropped Tim, switched boats an headed out again, and finished in 54 minutes. Tim ran into Bob a few years back, sez Bob was still upset they didn't give them the official record back then.
    read more... 07/24/2013


    REALTOR: Rodger Tunnell
    Roger,I am very interested in your work I thhogut the seminar was wonderful I was unable to re listen to all of it but what I have heard I really liked.. I am the mother of two adopted children and have had a journey in this area.I am also a teacher of The Alexander Technique The Alexander Technique is a system of mind and body re education . I use this with my children and myself . It helps with finding a place of mindfulness as it gives the tool to stop in the moment and quiet the system before choosing how to respond to our children. It also has great properties to help children with their balance when they are learning writing reading running playing as it brings us back to our inate balance and co ordination.Alexander also believed the Industrial Revolution was the downfall of our development as individuals and as you , does not believe in labels.I have a question about how that all plays out in the world as yesterday my 15 year old son could not use the bathrooms at the beach , needed to use the bathroom and I had to leave my friend with the other two 13 year olds my daughter and her friend till I could find somewhere for him to go . I found a health club and had to say my son has special needs and can not use the public bathroom then she let me in with him.He is wonderful and is functioning well but I have lots of questions. I will not be able to be free during the panel today.I would like to be in touch and talk about how I might help both my children more and tell how I have .I like Bryan Post's work very much and would like to link up with him as I feel my work fits well with his as it really helps people to stop and do something different . His philosophy of different is very true and helpful.I liked all the speakers I heard . All differing aspects of helping ourselves and our children.I have been using lots of different methods of help and I believe that we can add in the things that help and you provided a lot of new opportunities.I would like to talk further about moving forward for more help for my kids and the work as well as how my journey might help others.So I will not try to be there for the panel today most likely but would like to be in touch with you and your wife, with the attorney at the least. How is it best to do this?Thanks Alice Olsherthanks
    read more... 07/21/2013
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