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Bill Sill

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 Offers realty in:
  • Austin, TX 🎭 🛍 🍏 ✡ ☕ ⛽ 🍔 ☪ 🦄
  • Bee Caves, TX
  • Lake Travis, TX
  • South Austin, TX

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    Efforts from courts inulcde : compulsory mediation, tougher evidentiary wants, including new rules that need banks to supply original loan paperwork as a requirement for getting judgments of foreclosure, and counselling and pro se help programs for owners in trouble. Many house owners accidentally accept that filing a reply to a foreclosure complaint, or a complaint to obstruct a foreclosure sale, is too complex or dear.
    read more... 10/01/2012

    I had the same experience with this realtor. We must be talking about the same house. He said the tax records were wrong my husbands a contractor after he walked through the house he knew he was lieing. My husband did not like him at all.
    read more... 11/20/2009

    Beware of Bill Sill, Lies on listing over quotes square footage to make his listing look better. Lies to your face to make the deal. So if you are looking for a home stay clear of this one. If your looking to sell or lease a home double check this dirty dog he has alot of tricks up his sleeves.
    read more... 11/20/2009

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