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Broomfield, CO
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  • Colorado real estate news
  • Price dynamics for 4 zip code(s) (1 falling)
  • 24 school(s): availability and contingent by zip codes
  • 18 real estate agent(s) and 109 testimonials!


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    Housing prices

    Broomfield, CO average real estate prices
    Avg. state pricesBroomfield, CO avg. prices

    Broomfield, CO prices in 2020
    Broomfield, CO housing prices in 2020
    Avg. state pricesBroomfield, CO avg. prices

    Broomfield, CO prices in 2019
    Broomfield, CO housing prices in 2019
    Avg. state pricesBroomfield, CO avg. prices

    Broomfield, CO prices in 2018
    Broomfield, CO housing prices in 2018
    Avg. state pricesBroomfield, CO avg. prices

    Broomfield, CO prices in 2017
    Broomfield, CO housing prices in 2017
    Avg. state pricesBroomfield, CO avg. prices

    Real estate news

    All of you must have heard a lot about staging Denver Homes for sale. But when it comes to a detaile...
    » CO   » Home selling02/16/2011
    The operation of Home Buying being complex, staying conscious of the tribulations to be undergone wh...
    » CO   » Home selling02/16/2011
    With the real estate industry growing in stature and size, obtaining a desirable Dwelling of selecti...
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    ZIP information

    ZIPAvg. home price
    change last month
    SchoolsWhat`s nearby
    80020$347,90013 schoolsmcdonalds, ☕ , 🛍 , ⛽ , 🦄
    80021n/a11 schoolswalmart, 🎭
    80023$725,000-63%starbucks, ⛽ , 🎭
  • Broomfield, CO schools


    Real estate agents


    Kathryn MacGeraghty


    Camille Vaughan


    Mike Hunter


    Holly Stickle


    Michael Larkin


    Pat Waldron


    John Ferguson - EXCEL CONSULTING, Inc, Business Brokerage


    Logan Chierotti


    John Ferguson


    Harriet Jones


    Lane Hornung




    Holly and Buzz Stickle


    Ron Elston


    Gary & Cindy Belhumeur


    Sean Moudry


    Steve Cramer & Diane Schmidt


    Latest testimonials:


    REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
    I must say I have enjoyed the rental income thanks to your great property management! Thanks for doing the annual inspections and providing the informative data to me. It's nice to know what's going on INSIDE the rentals. You're the best! Keep up the good work. I appreciate YOU
    read more... 02/07/2010


    REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
    Jerry and I love having you manage our properties. You have a great team and it makes our lives so much easier. Many, many thanks.
    read more... 12/21/2009


    REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
    Her main responsibility is to maintain and keep our rental property profitable. She has advertised and screened our tenants. She personally showed our apartments at the convenience of the renters. She was able to prepare leases, which were agreeable to all parties. I trust Kathryn to supervise any repairs or alterations the tenants need. Kathryn has a wide range of professionals to call on for all areas of repair including plumbing, sewer, lock repair and window replacement ?? all of which we have used. In each case the price was reasonable, the work was done to our satisfaction, and it was completed in a timely fashion. Kathryn has always represented herself in a professional manor. She pays repair bills on time and the accounting is always accurate and submitted promptly. She is easy to contact and follows through with all requests. She maintains an accurate accounting of our rental property for tax purposes. I would highly recommend Kathryn MacGeraghty and Blue Sage Realty for anyone considering keeping rental property without headaches.
    read more... 11/03/2009


    REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
    Thank you... Thank you ... Thank you! I can not thank you enough. Your professionalism and diligence is greatly appreciated by out of state owners, who truly never have to worry about anything. You have an amazing team, led by a great leader!
    read more... 10/04/2009


    REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
    Hi thought I should day that they've been good to me, they actually explained the lease to me, none of my landlords have done that for me before. I like the house its really clean yard is nice
    read more... 09/28/2009


    REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
    Please disregard the comment by Kathryn below as there are hundreds of tenants with similar issues posted on Yelp, Yahoo, Google and see for yourself!
    read more... 09/21/2009


    REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
    If you're looking for a company that agrees with whatever you want as a tenant, please look elsewhere. The 3 reviews you find here are just one tenant that doesn't like our policies (e.g. pay rent and security deposit in a timely way). That is out of 150 properties and 8 years in business. We are proud of our services and our properties.
    read more... 09/19/2009
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