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» Foreclosure process in Florida (FL)

Jacksonville, FL
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    Housing prices

    Jacksonville, FL  average real estate prices 
    Jacksonville, FL  average real estate prices 2018
    Jacksonville, FL  average real estate prices 2017
    Avg. state pricesJacksonville, FL avg. prices

    Real estate news

    South Florida real estate developer Martin Margulies has been sitting on prime ocean-front property ...
    » FL   » Real Estate news03/15/2012
    South Florida's housing crash may be old news, but recent data offer some valuable perspective. ...
    » FL   » Real Estate news01/20/2012
    Equine estates and farmland in South Florida have become increasingly popular investments for equine...
    » FL   » Home buying01/15/2012

    ZIP information

    ZIPAvg. home price
    change last month
    SchoolsWhat`s nearby
    32202n/a1 school
    32204n/a-100%2 schools
    32205n/a-100%8 schools
    32206n/a-100%11 schools
    32207n/a-100%10 schools
    32208n/a13 schools
    32209n/a26 schools
    32210n/a-100%18 schools
    32211n/a8 schools
    32216n/a-100%8 schools
    32217n/a-100%4 schools
    32218n/a-100%8 schools
    32219n/a-100%2 schools
    32220n/a2 schools
    32221n/a-100%2 schools
    32222n/a-100%1 school
    32223n/a-100%1 school
    32224n/a4 schools
    32225n/a-100%4 schools
    32226n/a-100%1 school
    32234n/a3 schools
    32244n/a6 schools
    32246n/a-100%7 schools
    32254$82,463-3%8 schools
    32256n/a-100%3 schools
    32257n/a4 schools
    32258n/a2 schools
    32259n/a5 schools
    32277n/a-100%6 schools
  • Jacksonville, FL schools


    Real estate agents


    Mike or Stephanie Metzler


    Tracy Kirchain


    Carey Frankel


    Paige Wajsman


    Maria Moore


    James and Tara Painting


    Eileen Blocker


    Tara Branz


    Debra Dooney, CRS,GRI,ABR,CSP


    Jill Marquez


    Dawn DuBose


    Mary Deal


    James Angelo


    Jesse Skinner


    Ken Mong


    Roger & Patricia Perkins


    Jason Garner


    Susan Kennedy


    M. R. Jordan


    Matt Zimmerman


    Debra Harrelson


    Cindy Balla


    Carol Lorenc


    Leslie Hansen


    Charles Chorman


    Jim Friedner


    Helen Jungenberg


    Carol von Rabenstein


    Tony Seess


    William Vasana


    Gisella Landry


    Gina Lynch


    Douglas Campbell


    Trina Swanstrom


    Buddy Love


    Michele Philippon


    Donna Geddings & Holli Ellen


    Krista Fracke


    Judy Nelson




    Mike Luttrell


    Edmi Colon-Anderson and Linda Learn


    Dena Calivas


    Greg Mosley


    Celena Blunk and Pat Alters


    Steven Burnett


    Myrna Gatenby


    Mike Jones


    John Armstrong


    Doris Arnold


    Ronda Densford


    Mark Farwell & Karen Gartley


    Tim & Susan Fennell


    Brian Hewitt


    Wendie Land


    Chris & Denette Triplett


    Dana Hancock


    Vicki Piatt


    Steven Latham


    Andrew Whalen


    Latest testimonials:

    John Brown

    REALTOR: Paige Wajsman
    Awful service. Never a phone call back. Stay away!
    read more... 05/25/2010

    Jacksonville Real Estate

    REALTOR: Carey Frankel
    great realtor
    read more... 04/26/2010

    steff Metz

    REALTOR: Mike or Stephanie Metzler
    read more... 01/14/2010
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