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» Foreclosure process in Florida (FL)

Miramar, FL
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  • Florida real estate news
  • Price dynamics for 4 zip code(s) (1 rising, 3 falling)
  • 31 school(s): availability and contingent by zip codes
  • 23 real estate agent(s) and 21 testimonials!


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    Housing prices

    Miramar, FL average real estate prices
    Avg. state pricesMiramar, FL avg. prices

    Miramar, FL prices in 2018
    Miramar, FL housing prices in 2018
    Avg. state pricesMiramar, FL avg. prices

    Miramar, FL prices in 2017
    Miramar, FL housing prices in 2017
    Avg. state pricesMiramar, FL avg. prices

    Real estate news

    South Florida real estate developer Martin Margulies has been sitting on prime ocean-front property ...
    » FL   » Real Estate news03/15/2012
    South Florida's housing crash may be old news, but recent data offer some valuable perspective. ...
    » FL   » Real Estate news01/20/2012
    Equine estates and farmland in South Florida have become increasingly popular investments for equine...
    » FL   » Home buying01/15/2012

    ZIP information

    ZIPAvg. home price
    change last month
    SchoolsWhat`s nearby
    33023$254,823-6%9 schoolstheatre, ⛽ , 🍔 , ☪ , 🛍
    33025n/a-100%10 schoolsmcdonalds, 🎭 , 🛍 , 🦄 , ⛽ , ✡
    33027$374,86115%3 schoolsmcdonalds, ☕ , ⛽ , 🍏 , 🛍 , ✡ , 🎭 , 🦄
    33029n/a-100%9 schoolsmcdonalds, ⛽ , ☕ , 🦄 , ☪ , 🛍 , ✡
  • Miramar, FL schools


    Real estate agents


    Orlando Heras


    Heriberto Lopez


    Mariela Gonzalez


    Milan Zivkovich


    Irma Marquez


    Scott Daniels


    Jose Azcarate


    Teresa Santana


    Lazaro Gonzalez


    Michael Lanner


    Saida Guerrero


    Sagine Morgan


    Orlando Garcia


    Ana Benitez


    Helen Kelsey


    Robert Del Pozo


    Michelle Burgos


    Simone Maduro


    Homes to Go


    Michelle Rice


    Mark Lyon


    Chris & Natascha Tello


    Latest testimonials:

    Richard Smith

    REALTOR: Orlando Heras
    Now a days is hard to find a Realtor that you can trust. I will recommend Orlando to any body who wants a smooth transaction,
    read more... 05/17/2013

    Juan Garcia

    REALTOR: Orlando Heras
    Orlando muchas gracias por ayudarme a conseguir la casa de nuestros sue?os. Thank you!
    read more... 05/17/2013

    Chris Lopez

    REALTOR: Orlando Heras
    Once again it is a true pleasure for our family to work with you. Thank you for helping us once again.
    read more... 05/17/2013

    Joe Simpson

    REALTOR: Orlando Heras
    Orlando, thank you! Without your help we would've been lost. It is great to have support from a true professional.
    read more... 05/17/2013


    REALTOR: Irma Marquez
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    read more... 05/01/2012


    REALTOR: Orlando Heras
    Nesecito a mi hija no la esconda mas es mi hija no tuya.porque este empeno tuyo.y estos celos
    read more... 09/26/2011

    Liza Maxwell

    REALTOR: Orlando Heras
    I ha d a really good experience with this Realtor a couple of years ago, today browsing the internet I came across this website and I have the opportunity to write about my experience...A couple of years ago Orlando Heras not only found the property I was looking for he also found financing for us...as a matter fact he got us a 30 years fixed mortgage which now I appreciate even more than I appreciated back then. Thank you Orlando! I hope you are doing very good.
    read more... 09/16/2010
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