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» Foreclosure process in Florida (FL)

Tampa, FL
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  • Florida real estate news
  • Price dynamics for 60 zip code(s) (3 rising, 16 falling)
  • 157 school(s): availability and contingent by zip codes
  • 51 real estate agent(s) and 91 testimonials!


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    Housing prices

    Tampa, FL  average real estate prices 
    Tampa, FL  average real estate prices 2018
    Tampa, FL  average real estate prices 2017
    Avg. state pricesTampa, FL avg. prices

    Real estate news

    South Florida real estate developer Martin Margulies has been sitting on prime ocean-front property ...
    » FL   » Real Estate news03/15/2012
    South Florida's housing crash may be old news, but recent data offer some valuable perspective. ...
    » FL   » Real Estate news01/20/2012
    Equine estates and farmland in South Florida have become increasingly popular investments for equine...
    » FL   » Home buying01/15/2012

    ZIP information

    ZIPAvg. home price
    change last month
    SchoolsWhat`s nearby
    33601n/a1 school
    33602n/a-100%6 schools
    33603n/a-100%6 schools
    33604$190,790-10%8 schools
    33605n/a-100%12 schools
    33606$1,020,78319%3 schools
    33607n/a-100%10 schools
    33609n/a-100%1 school
    33610$157,8007%20 schools
    33611n/a-100%5 schools
    33612n/a-100%8 schools
    33613n/a-100%2 schools
    33614$223,03615%13 schools
    33615n/a-100%5 schools
    33616n/a-100%4 schools
    33617n/a9 schools
    33618n/a-100%3 schools
    33619n/a-100%9 schools
    33621n/a1 school
    33624n/a4 schools
    33625n/a2 schools
    33626n/a5 schools
    33629n/a-100%5 schools
    33634n/a4 schools
    33635n/a-100%2 schools
    33647n/a-100%9 schools
  • Tampa, FL schools


    Real estate agents


    Evelina Phillips


    Jeannie Schnell


    Raul Aleman


    John Hoffman


    Jeffrey Launiere


    Vickie Charles Ida Booth


    John Montesano


    Steve Johnson


    Bob Campbell


    Allan Wing


    Jennifer Miller


    John Tershowski


    Thomas Mason


    Lenny Gurvich


    April Rodriguez


    Bob Lipply


    Team Storms


    Jonathan Greene


    Jennifer Cook


    Martina Miller


    Lovely Rehsi


    Katherine Marshall


    Warren Austin


    Donna DesMeules


    William Kind


    Michael Green


    Beth Copenhaver


    Jeff Doty


    Michael Valdes


    Eric Frantz


    Jeanne Wolfe


    The Muscatell/Wagner


    Dennis Smith


    Mark Hetrick


    Robert Gordon


    Jim Coolidge


    Gloria & Jim Lieb


    Dee Smith


    John Mudd


    Alicia Abdon


    Amy Soto


    Jennifer Cook


    Julia Vakulenko


    Tampa Real Estate


    The Hayslett


    Steven Smith


    Mario Levesque


    Christine Wagenfuehrer


    Beth Copenhaver


    Michael Green


    Latest testimonials:

    Mary Jo

    REALTOR: Jeannie Schnell
    She is one of the nicest ladies I have ever met.
    read more... 01/30/2014

    Joel Teller

    REALTOR: Jeannie Schnell
    Her son is taking over the business so she is retiring after over 40 years.
    read more... 01/25/2014

    betty davis

    REALTOR: Jeannie Schnell
    She attended Ohio State in 1960. Was a big hippy.
    read more... 01/21/2014

    Joe Simpson

    REALTOR: Jeannie Schnell
    She has lived in Ohio all her life and she loves it here. She would never move.
    read more... 01/21/2014


    REALTOR: John Hoffman
    Thank you for your question.It is very diiffcult for a non-resident to apply for a Declaration of Heirs, since it requires drafting a Petition to the Court (Tribunal de Primera Instancia), and the inclusion of several documents, most of them in Spanish. This is why I usually suggest retaining legal counsel for this matter.The cost depends directly on the complexity of the filing, the amount of heirs the decedent has left, and whether or not he/she was married at the time of passing. Every document included in the filing MUST be in original form. The court will not accept photocopies, unless extreme circumstances exist, such as in the case of cuban birth certificates issued many years ago, which are very diiffcult to obtain.If you need further assistance on this matter, feel free to contact me.
    read more... 10/01/2012

    George Michaels

    REALTOR: Jeannie Schnell
    She is a hag!
    read more... 08/01/2011

    Donnie Blackwell

    REALTOR: Jeannie Schnell
    You is indeed a very odd old lady.
    read more... 08/01/2011
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