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    Housing prices

    Lakeview, IL average real estate prices
    Avg. state pricesLakeview, IL avg. prices

    Lakeview, IL prices in 2019
    Lakeview, IL housing prices in 2019
    Avg. state pricesLakeview, IL avg. prices

    Lakeview, IL prices in 2018
    Lakeview, IL housing prices in 2018
    Avg. state pricesLakeview, IL avg. prices

    Lakeview, IL prices in 2017
    Lakeview, IL housing prices in 2017
    Avg. state pricesLakeview, IL avg. prices

    Real estate news

    A quarter of Chicago-area homeowners with mortgages owe more on the loan than their property is wort...
    » IL   » Mortgage03/08/2011
    You could have saved cash for a long time and are now taking into consideration Buying a Dwelling fo...
    » IL   » Home buying02/03/2011
    When is the best time and what is the best thing to buy is a common question among investors. It is ...
    » IL   » Investments04/10/2010

    Real estate agents


    Gordon Munden


    Brian Nygard


    Greg Viti


    Doug Fox


    Bruce Theobald


    Carol Duran


    Judy Lynn Lieberman


    Renee Yuditsky


    Sheldon Salnick


    Susan Morrow


    Karen Breen Elia


    Susanna Cherubin-Delisi & Debra A. Gold


    Carla Walker


    Latest testimonials:


    REALTOR: Gordon Munden
    I recently had something similar happen with Gordon. Waht a bad man. It's sad, too, because he seems so trusting. Wish i had looked him up online first. Basically, he promised me everything was structurally sound, told me i was in a safe neghborhood to raise a family, and i have found out both of these statements are lies. I feel like the man played off of my dreams, promised me them, then stole my money and fattened his pockets with my hopes and future dreams. Thanks a lot, Gordon. You are a real class act. I wonder if Gordon believes in karma----poor guy could be in a lot of trouble. Please save yourself the heartache later- Just throw your money away- at least that way the human snake that is Gordon Munen of Chicago real estate notoriety, won't get his slimy paws on it.
    read more... 01/28/2010
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