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» Foreclosure process in Minnesota (MN)

Minneapolis, MN
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  • Minnesota real estate news
  • Price dynamics for 70 zip code(s) (9 falling)
  • 487 school(s): availability and contingent by zip codes
  • 35 real estate agent(s) and 9 testimonials!


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    Housing prices

    Minneapolis, MN  average real estate prices 
    Minneapolis, MN  average real estate prices 2018
    Minneapolis, MN  average real estate prices 2017
    Avg. state pricesMinneapolis, MN avg. prices

    Real estate news

    If you are planning to buy your dream house or property, Saint Paul foreclosures are your best optio...
    » MN   » Foreclosure02/15/2011
    Minnesota allows for both judicial or in court and non judicial or out of court foreclosures. As wit...
    » MN   » Foreclosure05/02/2008

    ZIP information

    ZIPAvg. home price
    change last month
    SchoolsWhat`s nearby
    55401n/a4 schools
    55402n/a3 schools
    55403n/a9 schools
    55404n/a14 schools
    55405n/a6 schools
    55406n/a20 schools
    55407n/a12 schools
    55408n/a10 schools
    55409n/a5 schools
    55410n/a5 schools
    55411n/a21 schools
    55412n/a-100%7 schools
    55413n/a17 schools
    55414n/a-100%11 schools
    55415n/a2 schools
    55416n/a6 schools
    55417n/a4 schools
    55418n/a12 schools
    55419n/a5 schools
    55420n/a9 schools
    55421n/a10 schools
    55422n/a14 schools
    55423n/a15 schools
    55424n/a9 schools
    55425n/a1 school
    55426n/a13 schools
    55427n/a16 schools
    55428n/a19 schools
    55429n/a18 schools
    55430n/a-100%7 schools
    55431n/a11 schools
    55432n/a-100%19 schools
    55433n/a18 schools
    55434n/a10 schools
    55435n/a2 schools
    55436n/a4 schools
    55437n/a10 schools
    55438n/a-100%1 school
    55439n/a6 schools
    55441n/a63 schools
    55442n/a-100%1 school
    55443n/a-100%13 schools
    55444n/a2 schools
    55445n/a1 school
    55446n/a-100%4 schools
    55447n/a6 schools
    55448n/a5 schools
    55449n/a-100%1 school
    55454n/a3 schools
    55455n/a1 school
    55472n/a1 school
    55479n/a1 school
  • Minneapolis, MN schools


    Real estate agents


    Kurt Evans


    Mel Saterbank


    Brad Taylor


    Keith Werness


    Kellogg Anderson


    Jeff Scislow


    Vicki Weber & Bill Foster


    Dawn Morgan


    Jennifer Rubenzer


    Cynthia Birkeland


    Kermit Johnson


    Steve Pemberton


    Beth Richardson


    JoAnne M. Donna


    Shannon Lindstrom


    Jim Geisinger


    Wendy Jacobson


    David Azbill


    Saed Wadi


    Mike belfield


    Angela Larson


    Jane Guertin


    Ron Jensud


    Jamie Jones


    Jeff Lundquist


    Jason Gorman


    John Mazzara


    Rita Larson


    The Paulus


    The Pastrana


    Steven Anderson


    Ray & Nimi Singhal


    Alicia Garatoni


    Richard De Witt and His Of Real Estate Agents


    Latest testimonials:


    REALTOR: Keith Werness
    I would talk to the Broker of the office or maagenr and demand they return your check as it has placed in the Brokers Trust Account.Your funds will be returned and if not this would be a major violation with the Department of Real Estate in CA.
    read more... 12/17/2012


    REALTOR: Jennifer Rubenzer
    One of the biggest bitches in the Real Estate industry. Very pissed at the world...did 13 transactions in 2011...whoppee, find a new career!
    read more... 05/21/2012

    Guy Barton

    REALTOR: Kermit Johnson
    Great Minneapolis real estate agent! This Realtor really knows his stuff.
    read more... 12/17/2010
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