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» Foreclosure process in Oregon (OR)

Portland, OR
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  • Oregon real estate news
  • Price dynamics for 63 zip code(s) (18 rising, 15 falling)
  • 200 school(s): availability and contingent by zip codes
  • 59 real estate agent(s) and 75 testimonials!


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    Housing prices

    Portland, OR average real estate prices
    Avg. state pricesPortland, OR avg. prices

    Portland, OR prices in 2021
    Portland, OR housing prices in 2021
    Avg. state pricesPortland, OR avg. prices

    Portland, OR prices in 2020
    Portland, OR housing prices in 2020
    Avg. state pricesPortland, OR avg. prices

    Portland, OR prices in 2019
    Portland, OR housing prices in 2019
    Avg. state pricesPortland, OR avg. prices

    Portland, OR prices in 2018
    Portland, OR housing prices in 2018
    Avg. state pricesPortland, OR avg. prices

    Portland, OR prices in 2017
    Portland, OR housing prices in 2017
    Avg. state pricesPortland, OR avg. prices

    Real estate news

    In Oregon, both judicial or in court and non judicial, or out of court foreclosures are followed. As...
    » OR   » Foreclosure05/02/2008

    ZIP information

    ZIPAvg. home price
    change last month
    SchoolsWhat`s nearby
    97201$509,90060%3 schoolscoworking, 🛍 , ☕ , 🍏 , 🍔 , ⛽ , ☪ , 🎭 , ✡
    97202$3,599,900324%10 schools
    97203$329,900-77%8 schools
    97205$358,50016%1 school
    97206$665,00060%12 schools
    97209$825,000-3%1 school
    97210$719,000-60%2 schools
    97211$524,900-5%6 schools
    97212$485,000-16%9 schools
    97213$649,9798%5 schools
    97214$699,900-0%7 schools
    97215$645,000-8%3 schools
    97216$315,000-49%6 schools
    97217$620,000-14%8 schools
    97218$439,000-2%2 schools
    97219$449,9007%9 schoolscoworking, ☪ , ✡ , 🎭 , ⛽ , ☕ , 🍔 , 🍏 , 🛍
    97220$385,000-44%8 schools
    97221$715,00060%3 schools
    97222$538,777146%11 schools
    97223$699,00022%5 schools
    97224$210,000-71%6 schools
    97225$1,499,00067%8 schools
    97227$649,90046%3 schools
    97229$639,0007%10 schools
    97230$475,000332%10 schools
    97231$1,500,000525%2 schools
    97232$799,00052%5 schools
    97233$464,900-52%8 schools
    97236$339,000-88%9 schools
    97238n/amosque, 🎭 , ✡ , 🦄 , 🛍 , ☕ , 🍏 , 🍔 , ⛽
    97266$339,000-3%8 schools
    97267$645,50039%11 schools
    97294n/a1 school
  • Portland, OR schools


    Real estate agents


    Norman Rice


    Carolyn Sadle


    Sal Del Cid


    Barbara Nelson


    Joel Chasko


    Kathy Stanley


    Steven Needham


    Michael Townsend


    Jim Dobson


    Greg Herson


    Max Sinclair


    Dave Campbell


    Lynda Jeffers


    Linda Quinn


    Brian Porter


    Anne Kadin


    Lisa Bieker


    Lois Oliver-Miesbach


    Phillip Anderson


    The Craig Reger Group


    Erik Gerth


    Paul Cree


    James Hendricks


    Denise Standley


    John Mahaffy


    Sherry Francis


    Mike Rohrig


    The Steve Ticknor


    Kristen Horn


    Denise L. Goding


    Slade Crooks


    Lorraine Hicks


    Tony Kelly


    Rob Levy


    Andrew Weiner


    Karen Beers


    Todd Burton


    Jennifer Shetler


    Wayne Erlenbusch


    Brian Davis


    Susie Isaacson


    Kathleen Walmsley


    Nathan Thomas


    Linda Eaton


    Scott Brown


    Chris & Tim Larsson


    Gayla McGowan


    Deborah Chase


    Rick Sadle


    Kim Reyes


    Brenda Hereth


    Lynette Wyrick


    Dorsi Bispham


    Sharon Francis


    Jaci Mitchell


    Ingrid Luke


    Aimee Davis


    Anne Kadin


    Latest testimonials:


    REALTOR: Jim Dobson
    Fantastic occupation the fiwollong. I really favored that which you needed to point out. Keep heading because you surely carry a new words to this particular matter. Definitely not appear as healthy could express precisely what youve mentioned and still make it useful. Nicely, not less than Instant messaging serious. Won't be able to wait to find out far more of your on your part.
    read more... 03/28/2013

    business loans

    REALTOR: James Hendricks
    I had a desire to make my company, but I did not have enough amount of cash to do that. Thank goodness my friend suggested to utilize the loan. So I used the short term loan and realized my desire.
    read more... 01/22/2012

    JD Summers

    REALTOR: James Hendricks
    James Hendricks OWES me over $2000 for referral fees! Realtors do not trust Jamrs Hendricks!
    read more... 03/01/2011

    No Thanks, He knows where

    REALTOR: Sal Del Cid
    Sal is a nice guy but a terrible real estate agent. He doesn't negotiate at all which ends up costing you a lot of money in the long run. He's a pushover and doesn't want make any demands/ request since he only wants to close a deal (not get a good deal). This is a buyers market and he always forgot that, letting the seller's agent railroad him. If you want a fair deal on a house get someone else. He's nice but he's TERRIBLE. If I could have fired him I would have. Since buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you can make, I would say having Sal as my real estate agent was the biggest mistake of my life.
    read more... 08/18/2009
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