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» Foreclosure process in Texas (TX)

Austin, TX
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    Housing prices

    Austin, TX  average real estate prices 
    Austin, TX  average real estate prices 2018
    Austin, TX  average real estate prices 2017
    Avg. state pricesAustin, TX avg. prices

    Real estate news

    Kenneth Robinson has finally been kicked out of the $340,000 home that he had lived in since June fo...
    » TX   » Real Estate news02/08/2012
    While the worst is now behind us, a number of people are now wondering if this is the right to buy a...
    » TX   » Real Estate Technology02/20/2011
    We all know that the real estate industry as a whole was a disaster in 2009; however, what appears t...
    » TX   » Home selling04/03/2010

    ZIP information

    ZIPAvg. home price
    change last month
    SchoolsWhat`s nearby
    78557n/a5 schools
    78701n/a2 schools
    78702n/a14 schools
    78703n/a-100%28 schools
    78704n/a13 schools
    78705n/a1 school
    78717n/a-100%1 school
    78718n/a1 school
    78721n/a4 schools
    78722n/a-100%2 schools
    78723n/a-100%8 schools
    78724n/a5 schools
    78726n/a-100%1 school
    78727n/a-100%4 schools
    78728n/a-100%3 schools
    78729n/a6 schools
    78731n/a4 schools
    78732n/a-100%1 school
    78733$2,336,2372 schools
    78734n/a1 school
    78735n/a1 school
    78738n/a-100%6 schools
    78739n/a2 schools
    78741n/a4 schools
    78744n/a-100%8 schools
    78745n/a-100%9 schools
    78746n/a9 schools
    78748n/a6 schools
    78749n/a6 schools
    78750n/a5 schools
    78751n/a-100%1 school
    78752n/a-100%4 schools
    78753n/a10 schools
    78754n/a-100%4 schools
    78756n/a-100%2 schools
    78757n/a2 schools
    78758$366,8209 schools
    78759n/a5 schools
  • Austin, TX schools


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    Don Drew


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    Richard York


    James Parham


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    Danny Smith


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    Randy Hutto


    Wayne Gibson


    Lisa Goldin


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    Chris Lopez


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    Diana Hurt


    Jeanne Butterfield


    Maureen & A. C. Rooker


    Joe Cline


    David Spradling


    Patty Haug


    Ann Watters


    Kari Christ and Suzie Gabriel


    Laura Bailey


    Doug and Mary Land


    Kathie Gabriel


    Jim Cummings


    Gary Toussaint


    Robert Rees


    Roselind Hejl


    Mike Jorissen


    Elizabeth Del Papa


    Lance Wilson


    Kevin Hutchison


    Nancy Filgate


    Barbara Hill


    Celeste Messer


    Gae Xavier


    Anil Behl


    Ann Banos


    Jerry Russo


    Robert Gaston


    Angela Ellegan


    Patti Gordin


    Ki Gray


    James Brinkman


    Curtis Reddehase


    Ronnie Bredahl


    Michelle Sheehan


    Andrew Traub


    Monica Pottorff


    Linda Timco


    Adeal Benhayoun


    Misty Christon


    Eric Campbell


    Lora Herring


    Randy Lingo


    Eric Savener


    Brad Dixon


    Renee Jantzen & Bette Self


    Elisabeth Douglas


    Donna Eaton


    Shay Hargus


    Bob Sedlor


    Doug Mellen


    Johnny Cuchia


    Jenny Dichard


    Carolyn Harris


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    Mick Hooper


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    REALTOR: Bill Sill
    Efforts from courts inulcde : compulsory mediation, tougher evidentiary wants, including new rules that need banks to supply original loan paperwork as a requirement for getting judgments of foreclosure, and counselling and pro se help programs for owners in trouble. Many house owners accidentally accept that filing a reply to a foreclosure complaint, or a complaint to obstruct a foreclosure sale, is too complex or dear.
    read more... 10/01/2012


    REALTOR: Bill Sill
    I had the same experience with this realtor. We must be talking about the same house. He said the tax records were wrong my husbands a contractor after he walked through the house he knew he was lieing. My husband did not like him at all.
    read more... 11/20/2009


    REALTOR: Bill Sill
    Beware of Bill Sill, Lies on listing over quotes square footage to make his listing look better. Lies to your face to make the deal. So if you are looking for a home stay clear of this one. If your looking to sell or lease a home double check this dirty dog he has alot of tricks up his sleeves.
    read more... 11/20/2009

    Josh R.

    REALTOR: Jim Olenbush
    Jim has helped us buy and sell several homes over the years. We highly recommend him.
    read more... 08/06/2009
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