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The Woodlands, TX
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  • 18 school(s): availability and contingent by zip codes
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    Housing prices

    The Woodlands, TX average real estate prices
    Avg. state pricesThe Woodlands, TX avg. prices

    The Woodlands, TX prices in 2018
    The Woodlands, TX housing prices in 2018
    Avg. state pricesThe Woodlands, TX avg. prices

    The Woodlands, TX prices in 2017
    The Woodlands, TX housing prices in 2017
    Avg. state pricesThe Woodlands, TX avg. prices

    Real estate news

    Kenneth Robinson has finally been kicked out of the $340,000 home that he had lived in since June fo...
    » TX   » Real Estate news02/08/2012
    While the worst is now behind us, a number of people are now wondering if this is the right to buy a...
    » TX   » Real Estate Technology02/20/2011
    We all know that the real estate industry as a whole was a disaster in 2009; however, what appears t...
    » TX   » Home selling04/03/2010

    ZIP information

    ZIPAvg. home price
    change last month
    SchoolsWhat`s nearby
    77354n/a2 schoolsgas station
    77380$814,8694 schoolsgas station, 🦄 , ☕ , ☪ , 🛍 , 🍔 , 🎭 , 🍏
    77381$534,543-6%8 schoolssynagogue, ☕ , 🍔 , ⛽
    77382$596,4804 schoolsstarbucks, 🛍
  • The Woodlands, TX schools


    Real estate agents


    Abraham Tieh


    Phyllis Baudat


    Rosa Jimenez


    Tom Blakeman


    Alton Billingsley


    Marcella Hughes


    Pat Wilson


    Keith Robertson


    Bobby Petty


    Stephanie Heard


    Karen Savage


    Kris Hoch


    Josh McMahon


    Veronica Kelly


    Candace Joyner


    Trish Andersen


    Wallace Everitt


    Maria Brasher


    Michael Zin


    Ursula Morris


    Lance Langenhoven


    Chris Wylie


    Larry Sanders


    Linda Dylla


    Lou & Doris Snipp


    Lani & Bob Weirnick


    Latest testimonials:

    Martha Ruiz

    REALTOR: Abraham Tieh
    Let's put it this way, if there were a fan club, I'd join! Abraham helped us buy our first home and was able to push back on a national builder on some things where we needed an advocate. He is now helping us find a new home. He is very professional and I feel he truly cares about his customers. I have recommended him to friends and anyone who wants to buy a house. He truly looks out for your interest and is not concerned with making a fast buy. Abe is a great realtor!
    read more... 07/22/2010

    Grace Jones

    REALTOR: Abraham Tieh
    Abraham Tieh is a true real estate buyer advocate. He is very experienced in Houston real estate. He knows how to look out for buyer's. Knowledgeable and sincere. Not the sales type. He really worked for me and made my home buying experience a pleasure. He really knows Sugar Land.
    read more... 08/05/2009

    Don Phlegm

    REALTOR: Abraham Tieh
    Abe represented me as my agent. He worked for me for more than 3 months showing me countless properties and advising me. Abe has done a great job. Abe Tieh is a real estate professional with extensive experience. He knows his business and truly represent his client's best interest. His business is based on referrals. I trust him and he had done a wonderful job for me. Never rushed me or advised me for his own interest. I can tell you that he is unlike most real estate agents. He is established in the business. Stands on his own grounds as a true buyer's agent. One of the very few True Buyer Agent in Houston. I got to know Abe well and asked Abe about how his business history. His credentials are extensive. He is so very personable and caring. I felt he's earned his keeps by looking out for his clients. I know this first hand.
    read more... 08/05/2009
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