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David W

REALTOR: Jan Baulsir
Hey you're awesome! Are you accepting volunteers? I have a TON of experience with local businesses and building websites. I've found the best way to get to know people is by volunteering so I would like to offer my time and give you a FREE Audit and Consultation. Call or text 718-673-9411. Looking forward to speaking with you and showing how I can help - David
read more... 10/04/2022


REALTOR: Larry Hotz
LLC method works great so long as you sell to an inotsevr paying cash or using hard money. This will not work with any buyer using a residential mortgage to buy. That type of funding will require the buyer to take title in their own name.
read more... 05/02/2012


REALTOR: Christine Chiaro
try not to hate. Negative feelings are exaltcy what the enemy want you to have. Love your family even though they are asleep. They will wake up when they are ready, there is nothing you can do to force them awake. Stand firm and do what you can to get ready. Read Noah's ark and how he was ridiculed by all the others but held firm to his course.
read more... 05/01/2012

VeAnna Eads

REALTOR: Randy and Sandie Slafter
I haven't bought from them but Isure would like to hear from. Great friends back in the day
read more... 11/14/2011

A buyer

REALTOR: Craig Hindes
I can't get this buy to call me back!! He lost my business!!!
read more... 05/26/2011


REALTOR: Chip Deacon
can't beleive how agents like this are still working, horrible, don't expect a business to be done with him
read more... 04/11/2010


REALTOR: Chip Deacon
read more... 03/10/2010


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
I must say I have enjoyed the rental income thanks to your great property management! Thanks for doing the annual inspections and providing the informative data to me. It's nice to know what's going on INSIDE the rentals. You're the best! Keep up the good work. I appreciate YOU
read more... 02/07/2010


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Jerry and I love having you manage our properties. You have a great team and it makes our lives so much easier. Many, many thanks.
read more... 12/21/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Her main responsibility is to maintain and keep our rental property profitable. She has advertised and screened our tenants. She personally showed our apartments at the convenience of the renters. She was able to prepare leases, which were agreeable to all parties. I trust Kathryn to supervise any repairs or alterations the tenants need. Kathryn has a wide range of professionals to call on for all areas of repair including plumbing, sewer, lock repair and window replacement ??“ all of which we have used. In each case the price was reasonable, the work was done to our satisfaction, and it was completed in a timely fashion. Kathryn has always represented herself in a professional manor. She pays repair bills on time and the accounting is always accurate and submitted promptly. She is easy to contact and follows through with all requests. She maintains an accurate accounting of our rental property for tax purposes. I would highly recommend Kathryn MacGeraghty and Blue Sage Realty for anyone considering keeping rental property without headaches.
read more... 11/03/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Thank you... Thank you ... Thank you! I can not thank you enough. Your professionalism and diligence is greatly appreciated by out of state owners, who truly never have to worry about anything. You have an amazing team, led by a great leader!
read more... 10/04/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Hi thought I should day that they've been good to me, they actually explained the lease to me, none of my landlords have done that for me before. I like the house its really clean yard is nice
read more... 09/28/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Please disregard the comment by Kathryn below as there are hundreds of tenants with similar issues posted on Yelp, Yahoo, Google and see for yourself!
read more... 09/21/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
If you're looking for a company that agrees with whatever you want as a tenant, please look elsewhere. The 3 reviews you find here are just one tenant that doesn't like our policies (e.g. pay rent and security deposit in a timely way). That is out of 150 properties and 8 years in business. We are proud of our services and our properties.
read more... 09/19/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Well Mitch that is the problem...Kathryn is nice as pie to get the owners what they want while she treats tenants like DIRT. Glad you have been fortunate enough to see the other side of the fence.
read more... 09/16/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
I was fortunate enough to know a couple who had gone through 4 property managers before they found Blue Sage Realty. They saved me the pain and trouble of filtering through all the terrible property managers out there. I have only positive things to say about them from a owners perspective.
read more... 09/15/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Kathryn you have been a very bad girl! Just got done with google, and I am shocked at what you have goten away with! Not anymore...I am going to STOP you dead in your tracks before you can harm anyone else! Hope you like channel 2 news, because they will be broadcasting a special report on you in the near future. Boy I wouldnt want to be you when Karma comes knocking! GOOGLE Kathryn MacGeraghty & Blue Sage Realty Inc. See what they are really all about! LET THIS BE A WARNING NOT DO GET INVOLVED WITH THESE VERY BAD PEOPLE!
read more... 09/11/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
I have had the unfortunate pleasure of being a tenant of a property that is managed by Blue Sage Realty. Kathryn McGarghty BOO
read more... 09/11/2009

Judy B

REALTOR: Tim Pfannenstiel
Tim is always professional and is highly motivated. He listens closely to what you say and gives just what you ask. We are very happy with our home.
read more... 08/07/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Kathryn MacGeraghty was my agent for both a home sale and a home purchase... Our local move was quite a success story – we ended up having three offers on our old home and were able to find a new home that we are very pleased with. We were selling an older home in Arvada during a time when the market was pretty saturated. Kathryn provided us with many good ideas on how we could prepare our home for sale. With a limited amount of money and time, it was so helpful having advice on how to set the priorities. For example, she recommended that we paint the wood paneling in the basement. This was something I really did not want to do, partly because of the effort it would take on my part, but at last I decided to do it. I got a “You go girl!” when she saw the change for the first time. I do think getting that project done was instrumental in the home sale. On the buying end of things she was more than accommodating! Overall I found the process of buying and selling more challenging than I would have thought. Kathryn was certainly prepared to meet the challenges, and she did so with patience and our interests at heart. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell. Thanks so much Kathryn, for your expertise and care!
read more... 08/05/2009

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