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» Camille Milke

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Testament, I'd like to express that I have been using Realty Authority since April 2011 which is owned by Mrs. Camille Milke and she has been doing a great service to me and my wife in handling our needs as sellers of our house which is located in the Albuquerque NW area. She has been taking care of all necessary transactions to make sure everything goes smoothly, so we as sellers don't have to be so concern that nothing goes wrong. She conducts herself with extreme professionalism in being good at what she does in her field of expertise. I would recommend her business to any person's or families who needs to have a good Broker to sell their home. Thank you Reality Authority and Mrs. Milke for doing what you do best!! Regards Mr. Nelson Carey
read more... 09/08/2013

Leonard M.
Camille and her husband are in the business of taking over the deeds of homes and selling them on real estate contract for higher than the value. They often do not make the payment on the underlying loan and the end user loses the home along with all of their investment. Be careful with them.
read more... 06/12/2013

Troy Hines
Our experience was simple & done with ease. We really appreciated your responsiveness to our interest and how accessible you were to make things move quickly. Judy and Troy Hines
read more... 05/29/2013

Yvonne Marrs
To Whom it May Concern, My name is Yvonne Marrs, my Husband and I recently purchased a our home in Edgewood, NM from Ms. Camille Milke, she was wonderful to work with, and kept us well informed. We enjoyed working with Ms. Milke so much and she did such a wonderful job helping us get into our forever home that we have recommended her to several of our family members and friends whom we know are looking for homes themselves. Ms. Milke was not just interested in selling us a house but rather helping us to find and get into our forever home she is truly cared about making sure our home fit us and our needs and if ever we were in the market for a home again there is no doubt that I would call Ms. Milke to assist us again.
read more... 05/29/2013

M and T
Me and my husband have contracted a lease to own agreement on our home. We have found that Camille is honest, trustworthy and a delight to work with. Our home was exactly what we were hoping for, she made it all possible and we are bless to have known her. Thanks Camille for making our dream come true. Marsha and Trinidad Saiz
read more... 04/16/2013

Kevin B.
To whom it may concern, I found this website after I purchased a home from Camille Milke (in October of 2011). I am thrilled I found Camille because my house is great! My family never could have bought a house if it wasn't for Camille and her husband. I started as a Lease to Own and then converted to a Real Estate Contract. The whole process is easy as pie. All I need to do is make my monthly payment (actually it gets deducted from my bank account automatically) just like I would for any house I buy or rent but the difference with Camille is she understands some people don't have great credit and still want to buy a house! I would not hesitate to tell all of my friends to call Camille for a house. Especially if they can't get a loan right now. From a happy homeowner in New Mexico.
read more... 04/16/2013

Bought a great house and got a great deal from Camille. Love it! Thanks Camille
read more... 04/10/2013

someone who cares for oth
dont want to use my real name because i dont want these crazy people to know who i am, they will lie cheat and steal to get what they want. they will never pay what its owned and they run at 1st chance....stay away from her and her husband
read more... 09/18/2012

Dear Camille, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that it was a pleasure buying our home from you. You were very professional, but at the same time friendly and courteous. You were very thorough with the paperwork as well. I noticed how you verified all of the forms to make sure no signatures were missed. You have answered all of our questions, and you also have assured me never to hesitate if I need to contact you in the future. We love the house, it fits us just perfect. It’s been a pleasure working with you, hope you have a wonderful day!! Thanks again, Debbie
read more... 05/06/2012

In October 2011, I sold my home in Rio Rancho to Camille Milke on a real estate contract. The transaction was professionally offered and completed as promised. Ms. Milke purchased my home when it did not sell through normal channels after many months on the market. Ms. Milke has been easy to work with and remains in constant contact when I have questions or concerns. I would gladly work with Ms. Milke in the future on a real estate transaction. Respectfully, Steve Corn
read more... 03/23/2012

I recently purchased a home on a real estate contract through Camille Milke. All communications leading up to the contract signing were prompt and professional. The real estate contract was concise and well-defined. All financial transactions that took place through Mrs. Milke went seamlessly. The entire process was nothing but professional. Respectfully, Michael Lawrence
read more... 03/23/2012

Brandy M. Foster
I have had the pleasure of getting to know Camille Milke of Realty Authority in the last few months. I had contacted her late November 2011 over my interest in a house she had advertised for sale, unfortunately the house had already been taken off the market, regardless of that, Camille was very professional and yet able to put us at ease enough that I felt comfortable to continue working with her in my search for a new home. I am very happy with my decision. Camille is not only excellent at what she does she is also very knowledgeable and knows how to break things down into very simple “layman” terms for someone like me who doesn’t know much about Real Estate. She makes transactions as smooth as possible and always strives to make sure that the terms are reasonable and acceptable to everyone involved. I have had such a good experience with Camille and my home purchase and she has always shown herself to be ethical and honest in all she has done that I would highly recommend her to others as well as purchase from her again.
read more... 03/23/2012

Brian Milke
Some individuals (actually it only takes one) make up stories and lies and don't even have the courage to use their real name. There are no facts to support these claims. Anyone can post anything on the internet. It doesn't make it true. If you'd like to contact us or post something factual, feel free. If you prefer to cower and post lies to make yourself feel better, you are the one to be avoided.
read more... 08/01/2011

BUYERS AND SELLERS BEWARE OF CAMILLE AND BRIAN MILKE. THEY ARE RUTHLESS CON ARTISTS! Doing business with them has been a nightmare I can't wake up from. They sold me a come on a contract. The had me make payments to them, and they did not make the payments to the underlined lender causing the home to go into default. The New Mexico Real Comission is involved and she is under investigation for FRAUD! She has done this to countless other people. She tried to convince me that all the reviews I read online are fabricated and with out merrit. NOT THE CASE!
read more... 07/24/2011

Ramon T
Finally was able to take possession of the home back. Camille remained late on each and every payment for 6 months. For the last month she kept making promises to never be honored. Her communications skills are sorely lacking (and I am being nice). She left the house in not very good condition. 3 sets of window coverings were missing from French Doors. Water damage on beautiful wood floors. House was dirty and not well cared for. Something (dog?) chewed on walls in garage. Grass is dead. Other landscaping has died. Never returned garage door opener nor 1 of the automatic gate openers. Please do yourself a favor and really think about doing any business with Camille.
read more... 07/14/2011

Ramon Trujillo
I will never do another deal with Camille. She is a dishonest person with horrible communication skills. We sold her a property on a Real Estate Contract. She had held that property for two months and has been late making the payments both months. The 1st payment she was 21 days late and so far this month she is 14 days late. I have left Voicemail and sent Email to Camille with no response in over a week. I have sent a default notice and will be regaining the property after the 30 days are up.
read more... 02/21/2011

i'd like to make a public apology to mrs milke, although some issues were not resolved, but i'm very impressed with the concern and thoughfulness that has been expressed by mrs milke during some tough times for me and i can relate to a serious loss in her own personal life.Thx, camille!
read more... 09/14/2010

not very dependable, looks for money more than customer concerns. i agree with jack thompson, their most improtant concern is lining their pockets! I would'nt step into any other property that they owned
read more... 08/24/2010

Bill Whitter
I suspect Jack has no evidence of his lame comment or he would expound. Camille is great. I've purchased 2 homes and sold 1 with her. Top notch!
read more... 06/10/2010

Jack Thompson
Ripoff specialist extraordinaire!!!! THIEF!!!
read more... 06/05/2010

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