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» Dan Shrader

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from the Office of the In
Shrader offered to purchase homes in Hamilton County from consumers who needed to sell their properties quickly. Rather than purchase the home outright, Shrader convinced the homeowner to create a trust, name Shrader as the trustee, and then assign all beneficial interest in the trust to Shrader. In return, Shrader promised to lease/option the house to tenants who needed to improve their credit. Shrader collected rents and then ultimately failed to make mortgage payments.
read more... 09/01/2013

I think he may be in New Jersey?
read more... 08/08/2013

Total crook. Screwed me for about 20k. Ruined my credit. Dropped off the map. Piece of garbage.
read more... 06/12/2013

Hate to admit it but had to literally threaten him to pay up back in 2008. He took 4 months to try and sell our relatives house, lease it and finally close on it. In the end we made Danny boy PAY. :) If he owes you money go after him, relentlessly.
read more... 01/01/2013

Smiths: I am happy for you.I have found Doug Clary to be a very decent person.We are working together to sell my house once the tenant leaves.Doug has kept his part of our agreement. Hopefully,this nightmare will be behind me soon. I hope the AG continues to go after Shrader.
read more... 05/22/2011

Doug Clary did get taken by Dan, but he is still associating with him regardless of what he says. Doug took possession of our house in his split from Dan; and then turned around and did the same thing to us - evicted and then sued us. But guess what... WE WON! Court said he had no legal right to lease or sell our house. We still haven't heard anything new from AG.
read more... 05/20/2011

If you know anyone else who has been scammed by this crook,please tell them to contact Sally Miller at the Indiana Attorney General's Office. He has been free to ply his deceit and I am sure there are more folks out there that have been taken.It's a shame that there has not been more news warnings about him.
read more... 04/16/2011

followed home
1550 persimmon place noblesville Indiana
read more... 04/01/2011

Shrader-ized: I know that not everyone involved with Shrader is a bad person. Many of the people involved with him were also taken. It is a very sad situation and he is still free.
read more... 04/01/2011

Shrader-ized: I think that a lot of people who have been hurt associate anyone involved with Mr Shrader to be like him. He has hurt a lot of people and lost peoples homes.I don't know if you were hurt by him,but a lot of other people were. He still has his website up and he is appealing the judge's ruling. I know he hurt me and I will never fully recover.
read more... 04/01/2011

anonymous, you might want to get your facts straight before you make derogatory comments about ex-partners or investors that were associated with Dan
read more... 03/31/2011

I hate Dan
No I don't. Now that he has screwed me he won't take my calls
read more... 03/27/2011

I Hate Dan: Do you know where he lives these days? I am sure he is living in the house of an unsuspecting couple. He is slime!
read more... 03/27/2011

I hate Dan
his phone number is 317-703-4758
read more... 03/27/2011

He is a crook and deserves to be in jail his buddy Fred Krawczyk is not much better!! They both should rot in jail!!!
read more... 03/14/2011

Taken: I don't know why the wheels of Justice turn so slowly.He has been hurting people for years.He absolutely should be put in jail.What a snake he is.Unbelievable that he is still out there. His website is still up too.
read more... 03/12/2011

taken advantage of and th
Just learned this week that the house Dan had foreclosed that we thought we were purchasing is on the market for $80K! Less than half of what he wanted for it from us AND $44K less than the balance of the loan at the time we were evicted thanks to HIS not paying the mortgage. When will this slimeball go to jail!? He's still out ther ruining people's lives. So sickening.
read more... 03/04/2011

Smith's. Doug Clary is now with Tucker. I don't think Janus is still around.What are you sueing Doug Clary for? As far as I know,Shrader has taken Doug for a lot of money.It is such a shame that Shrader is not in jail.
read more... 02/20/2011

The Smith's
We filed with AG against Doug C. also, and sued him too. We go to court next week.
read more... 02/18/2011

The Smith's
Just learned Doug Clary is listed with Janus Realty - same business address as Dan's. Crooks!
read more... 02/18/2011

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