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REALTOR: Sidney Dikeman
Sidney was great! She listened to what we wanted and went out and found it! She got us a wonderful house. We will always recommend Sidney to anyone !
read more... 03/25/2011


REALTOR: Delroy Robinson
Great agent knows his job and do it with excellence and integrity. I would definately utilize the services of Delroy as my real estate broker. Hignly recommended!!
read more... 01/06/2011


REALTOR: Kem and AC Roda
The most unprofessional realtor team I have ever dealt with.
read more... 12/29/2010


REALTOR: Jeff Warlick and Christine Jordan
read more... 09/11/2010


REALTOR: Bernadine Byer
this helped me as hell,
read more... 08/25/2010

Mary Dunam

REALTOR: Freda Kalina and
The sale of my home was so smooth and easy with Freda. She sold my home in 35 days and everything went just as she had said. No problems before or after closing
read more... 08/23/2010

Katie Smith

REALTOR: Freda Kalina and
She was the most professional agent and service oriented that I have worked with. This was my 5th home that I had bought and she was great. I would recommend her to anyone.
read more... 06/13/2010

Regina Monroe

REALTOR: Teresa Cowart
LOVE LOVE LOVE her! Total professional
read more... 02/03/2010

Lisa Morse

REALTOR: Teresa Cowart
She is AWESOME!!!
read more... 01/16/2010

Belinda Cole

REALTOR: Saeila Terry
Young motivated, and very organized. She was patient with us in the most complex moments of the process. A Blessing
read more... 11/02/2009

Garry Tolliver

REALTOR: Kimberly Lewis
Very smart and knows her stuff
read more... 09/24/2009

Kevin Perrin

REALTOR: Tia Lewis
Dear Tia how has everything been so far. How's the family,and do have any plans. What kinds of shows do you like,what type of food do you like to eat,what's your favorite color. My favorate Shows are Steve Harey,The Fresh Prince of Bell Air,Martin,Jamie Foxx,and many more. My favorite food is pizza, chesse fries, chesse steaks, hogies and cjeeseburgers. The color I like is blue.
read more... 08/05/2009

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