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Joshua D. Sabin

REALTOR: Scott Steffes
Dear Mr. Steffes: I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your hard work and dedication on behalf of Kelly and I, and leading us to our wonderful new home. Since our relocation from Chicago, we have been enjoying our home, neighborhood, As you know, moving can be such a difficult and stressful time. However, your friendly and professional manner put many of our home buying worries to ease and allowed us to focus on other details. Iím quite certain that your diligent efforts and dedication to your clients like us will take you far and will certainly raise the standard for realtors in Iowa. I am truly grateful.
read more... 09/23/2011

David Anderson

REALTOR: Scott Steffes
Thanks Scott- We really appreciate the extra time you spent finding us the perfect home....We have been so busy- meant to post this earlier. My wife and I are definitely referring everyone we know to you. Thanks again, and take care. Dave
read more... 09/22/2011

Beth Ann S.

REALTOR: Scott Steffes
Great experience with Scott, We decided on a builder and it was our first experience building a new home. Scott was very helpful and knowledgeable- made us fee very comfortable with the process! We thought he should be the builder by the end!!! Thanks again- Beth Ann
read more... 09/13/2011

J. Benson

REALTOR: Scott Steffes
Moving can be a very difficult and stressful thing- especially if you don't have the best credit- thank god Janie and I have excellent credit- which took a long time to build....after many interviews we met with Scott Steffes, he was immediately helpful and we felt very comfortable. We have been in our home now for almost 2 years and will hopefully be here awhile longer! The closer was terrific, and everything went smoothly- Thanks again Scott-
read more... 05/04/2011

Melissa Jensen

REALTOR: Scott Steffes
so Glad Scott was recommended to us- my husband and I really love our new home and the neighborhood!!!!
read more... 05/04/2011

James Farrow

REALTOR: Scott Steffes
We were new to the area- and Scott took the time to help us decide where and what we should build...we are very happy and yes, would definitely recommend him to our friends and family.
read more... 05/04/2011

Stacy Ward

REALTOR: Scott Steffes
We had a great experience with Scott, very knowledgeable and we absolutely love our place!!! definitely will be using him again!!!
read more... 05/04/2011


REALTOR: Scott Steffes
Worst experience ever!! He came on to me in a sexual manner and was very unprofessional. I would not recommend him to anyone I know!
read more... 11/08/2010

Jenn Bell

REALTOR: Scott Steffes
Elsa, I totally agree!!! Dirtbag is the ONLY thing I can say... Wrod is he filed Chapter 7 and Moved so hopefully no one else will have to deal with him!!
read more... 04/08/2010

Elsa Lewis

REALTOR: Scott Steffes
If this man calls out of the blue and wants to buy your house, I have one word for you, BEWARE!!! Money or Lender never appears! We lost a lot of money, time, and sleep beause of you Scott and you know it! So if anyone out there is considering this man as his or her Realtor (if he still has a license)or considering selling a house to him. Look me up for a lot of details. We are not the only ones. Look up Iowa Courts. Thank you.
read more... 03/25/2010


REALTOR: Geri Doyle
Geri Doyle is one of the best Realtors we've ever worked with.
read more... 12/26/2009


REALTOR: Geri Doyle
This was the worst experience. Geri is the most dishonest realtor we have ever worked with. She never showed up on time for the open house and was very hard to get a hold of for anything. Stay clear of this one.
read more... 09/24/2009

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