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REALTOR: Maria Sims
perfectly. It informational resource, I'll bookmark it and visit it again!
read more... 01/22/2013

lorene carter ohman

REALTOR: Brian Brost
Brian: Trying to reach you regarding the loss of our dear friend, David C.Wilson. I called Connie at Homepride and she said your phone contact number has been changed. So here is mine: cell 815 732 4999. I presently live in South Carolina but do get bAck to family in Illinois..would like to talk to you. cell 815 732 4999 Lorene
read more... 11/26/2012


REALTOR: Michael Andre
The best I have ever worked with. With out Michael Andre I would be with out a place to live...
read more... 08/01/2010


REALTOR: Paul Jakl
I want a shark....not a floppy flounder!
read more... 07/25/2010


REALTOR: Paul Jakl
be careful when dealing with this guy...he's a shark
read more... 06/11/2010


REALTOR: Angel Nelson
Mwaack_cee add mweeh awn beeh_boo yhuurv qawtt maah fiirst andd lasst naymee ...!!! xx0x
read more... 03/18/2010


REALTOR: Angel Nelson
read more... 03/18/2010


REALTOR: Eric Egeland
read more... 02/03/2010


REALTOR: Gordon Munden
I recently had something similar happen with Gordon. Waht a bad man. It's sad, too, because he seems so trusting. Wish i had looked him up online first. Basically, he promised me everything was structurally sound, told me i was in a safe neghborhood to raise a family, and i have found out both of these statements are lies. I feel like the man played off of my dreams, promised me them, then stole my money and fattened his pockets with my hopes and future dreams. Thanks a lot, Gordon. You are a real class act. I wonder if Gordon believes in karma----poor guy could be in a lot of trouble. Please save yourself the heartache later- Just throw your money away- at least that way the human snake that is Gordon Munen of Chicago real estate notoriety, won't get his slimy paws on it.
read more... 01/28/2010

Paul H.

REALTOR: Eric Egeland
Great experience. Eric showed us the behind the scenes of the REO sales process.
read more... 01/05/2010

mary jo kindlesparker

REALTOR: Cathy Leonard
cathy is wonderful and I need her help again! please call 847 658 3774
read more... 09/21/2009

JoAnn Montgomery

REALTOR: Litsa Lekatsos
All I have to say is this woman is an awful agent. Do not use her!
read more... 09/01/2009

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