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Karen Maxson

REALTOR: Sherry Haylett
Sherry is the best agent I've ever dealt with! She will do everything within her ability to make a real estate deal a win/win situation for both seller & buyer. She's a very caring, honest and hard working person. AND she's a beautiful person inside & out! You just have to meet her - she's a very special person!!!!
read more... 10/09/2010

alan foster

REALTOR: Lee Wilbanks
I am talking about lee wilbanks not dennis leeland
read more... 08/19/2010

alan foster

REALTOR: Lee Wilbanks
have found Lee to be hosest and proffecional would use him again, he also rent,s out our property
read more... 08/19/2010


REALTOR: Lee Wilbanks
I RECENTLY DID A TRANSACTION WITH A REALITOR NAME DENNIS LEELAND WHO WORKS FOR REMERICA UNITED AND I GAVE HIM A $1500 ernest deposit and was promised my money back if the transaction didnt go through and now him having a hard time getting my money back
read more... 07/27/2010


REALTOR: Don Posgate
This guy is a real jack a**. Good to see he left town.
read more... 07/21/2010

Steve and Anita Lawrence

REALTOR: Henry Ohia
Always a professional, did our short short sale and save us from foreclosure. Help us to get a home that we can afford and love.
read more... 07/17/2010


REALTOR: Lee Wilbanks
I agree. I bought a house from this guy a few years ago and I felt like he screwed me over. He argued with me when I wanted to put in a lower bid. It's obvious he has his own motives. I agree with John, he's a shady character.
read more... 05/06/2010


REALTOR: Lee Wilbanks
Lee Wilbanks is a shiester! He's a crook with his own interests instead of his clients. He manipulated listings and didn't share lower priced listings in an effort to make a larger commission. He's a shady character and I'd look elsewhere for an agent that is honest.
read more... 05/06/2010

future homebuyer

REALTOR: Sandy Pattock-Beeler
Very rude!!!
read more... 12/05/2009

Amelio Anetri

REALTOR: Louie Aceti
Lou and Sheila are my Realtor for my life, they help me so much, I am now on my third invetsment home and going to buy 3 more from them
read more... 08/19/2009

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