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Nick Thomas

REALTOR: Scott Davis
Hey I like your site and I hope we can connect! I have a TON of experience working with local businesses generating more traffic for their websites. I'd love to offer some of my time to you and show you how I can help. Please give me a call or text 718-673-9411. - Nick
read more... 11/13/2022


REALTOR: Andy Courts
Well macdamaia nuts, how about that.
read more... 12/18/2012


REALTOR: Lynn Alvarez
This is totally imisprseve content. I like how you portrayed your viewpoints and I agree with a lot of these points. Your article incites thought in the reader and keeps their interest throughout the material.
read more... 10/01/2012


REALTOR: Tom Palmer
this is a lie! the bank wants to foreclose beasuce they need to pay the investors that they have been servicing beasuce they dont have the note anymore they sold it! challenge the bank, make them produce the note! thats where the fight starts.
read more... 10/01/2012


REALTOR: Judy Webster and Garth Elder
AndreDo you know if any of these RE themes have a golgoe map feature where ALL the properties are shown with icons on one map?thanks for a reply.
read more... 10/01/2012


REALTOR: Rae MacFarquhar
some state are outlawing asisingng contracts. in Forida the Florida real estate commission is passing a law next year stopping it. They feel you are actually working as an real estate agent because you never actually gain title to the property
read more... 10/01/2012


REALTOR: Carole Picariello
Franks had nothing to do with the bndilnug of the loans and the accounting tricks to hide toxic assets and pass them off as healthy assets. Also, considering the clout the banking industry has in Congress, especially under the GOP, if this was really a problem for them, they would have lobbied to end this. But they were making money, so nobody complained.
read more... 09/30/2012


REALTOR: Cheri Contes
Your mortgage copamny will buy insurance for your home, but that insurance will cost more than the insurance you have now. They will add the cost of the new, more expensive, insurance to what you must may the mortgage copamny every month. You will not be able to afford the higher monthly mortgage payment, and they will foreclose. You will not get to keep the house long enough to do a short sale. You will lose the house, and you will still owe the money to the mortgage copamny.
read more... 09/30/2012


REALTOR: Bill Wagenseller
Bill is not honest
read more... 03/16/2012

Aaron Karnwie

REALTOR: Jennifer Karnwie
Hi.Jennifer Karnwie I have been calling you to share my educational problem with you. thank God that thing is going well with me.please remmenber me in praye and support me as well.
read more... 10/30/2011


REALTOR: Tim Payne
Tim Payne is a nerd. Don't believe him. Don't pay any money for Real Estate courses he offeres.
read more... 05/12/2011

North Raleigh

REALTOR: C. Danl Keys
You want a professional that cares - - call Danl!
read more... 05/09/2011


REALTOR: Dale Creason
great agent could get something done when nobody else could after a year
read more... 12/01/2010


REALTOR: Rene Hunter
HEY, OLD HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND, so because you don't have a life you entertain yourself by trying to slander people. This won't hurt anyone but you...your not very bright-they got your ip address
read more... 10/01/2010

Ingrid Kitchen

REALTOR: Ingrid Kitchen
Please allow me to work for you in 2010. I promise to treat you with respect and honesty. I work for the best real estate company in NC, William E. Wood Realtors. Thank you for your business! Ingrid Kitchen
read more... 04/04/2010

Wayne Godfrey

REALTOR: Ingrid Kitchen
Ingrid Kitchen is one of the hardest working agents that I have ever seen. I build houses for a living and Ingrid helps me with sales. She sold a house in 2009 the day after it was listed and I can't ask for anything better from her. I highly recommend Ingrid Kitchen and William E. Wood Realtors for your listings and sales in North Carolina. W. Godfrey
read more... 04/04/2010

old high school friend

REALTOR: Rene Hunter
Hey, what ever happened to that son you adopted out back in Iowa? I know that first abortion must have been tough. It must of been tough dropping out of high school and getting married to a real loser when you were 16. Hope things are going better for you
read more... 11/05/2009

Nancy Ryan

REALTOR: Tim Payne
How can I find out about government grants to buy real estate in CA
read more... 10/14/2009

Phil Berrey

REALTOR: Roger Berrey
trustworthy, honest agent
read more... 10/06/2009

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