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REALTOR: Toni Tygart
I have worked with hdnureds of agents and met only 3 that worked their ass off. Just saying You may be one of the few exceptions and a decent attorney?? will in no way cost more than a couple of hundred dollars for these types of transactions.
read more... 07/21/2013


REALTOR: Nick Hajrulla
verenice - I really don't know what to say . Im with no words every purtice that I saw cautivate me, the bride and groom, the family and friends (i think's) everyone looks HAPPY!!! .the place is beautiful with fantastic view, every detail,THE ONLY THING THAT I CAN SAY IS CONGRATULATIONS YOU DID A WONDERFUL JOB!!!! I hope you are proud of it!!!!p.d. SORRY ABOUT MY ENGLISH, I SHOULD PRACTICE IT MORE hahahhaREGARDS FROM MEXICO!!!!!!!!!
read more... 12/18/2012


REALTOR: Francesco Mazzaferro
Francesco sold me my first condominium in Jersey City. He knew what i was looking for and was helpful and patient with me through every step of the way! this Guy is a GEM! i Highly recommend him!
read more... 11/13/2012


REALTOR: David Wilson
You Can Stop Foreclosure Today CALL US TODAY 877-291-4645Personal loan Alterations Rapidly suits persons benhid on their particular mortgage using service providers who can assist all of them retain their particular residence by simply enhancing their particular current personal loan. There are various foreclosed reduction gives out there, even so were the first choice from the space as well as we offer you the very best payment to the least amount sort.
read more... 09/30/2012


REALTOR: Francesco Mazzaferro
Francesco, Thank you for your help in getting our place ready. As a friend, I want you to know, I am SO grateful for having you in my life. You make me smile- which makes Such a difference. You may have to drag me out.... since you did an amazing job staging the apartment. Thank you. Jenn
read more... 02/02/2011


REALTOR: Francesco Mazzaferro
Dear Francesco; Thank you very much for your kindly and patient services, throughout our home buying period. You have shown your clients that you are an efficient, reliable and responsive with selling experience person. We are very happy to have you as our agent. Thank you again, indeed. Best Regards,F.C
read more... 02/02/2011

sherry zimmer

REALTOR: Sherry Zimmer and Debra Zimmer
please call
read more... 09/16/2010

Kathy P.

REALTOR: Robert Banko
Very unprofessional. Attempted to hit on me while my husband answered a work call while seeing houses.
read more... 09/13/2010

will courter

REALTOR: Lou Trillo
flat out bestt real estate agent got me my dream home 50 grand below asking price!!!
read more... 06/11/2010

Tom and Michelle

REALTOR: Scott Alpaugh
We used Scott and Jeanette to sell our home. They were professional and better than advertised. They sold our house in 3 weeks and we closed 4 weeks later and for more than we expected! We recommend them!!!
read more... 04/22/2010

Jennifer Dobbs

REALTOR: Sami Mohamed
Me and my fiance worked with Mr. Mohamed to purchase our 1st home. It got us a great deal was not afraid to negotiate and demand a meeting with the listing agent and the seller. We are very pleased that he went the extra mile for us. Great agent and has a great staff.
read more... 01/07/2010


REALTOR: Nick Hajrulla
Nick Helped me with my sale and purchase and was absolutley terrific. He seemed to be one step ahead of everone and tended to every detail. I would recomend him to all my family and friends.
read more... 01/04/2010

abner pobh

Steve is the greatest agent EVER! He sold me a million dollar house for $400,000! Genius!
read more... 11/15/2009

Lisa Grant

REALTOR: Barbara Saggese
Barbara was extremely helpful and she worked very hard to make our dream of owning a new home come true! You won't find a more caring, knowledgeable real estate agent anywhere.
read more... 11/11/2009

Lisa G.

REALTOR: Barbara Saggese
Barbara was extremely knowledgeable, caring and worked very hard to help us make our dream of owning a new home come true!
read more... 11/11/2009

Jan Bloom

REALTOR: Betty Laboska
Betty Labiska sold our home in Freehold NJ while we were living in Kentucky. She was professional and very aggressive in getting the job done. SHe took care f the entire transaction and all we had to do is come up to move furniture and go to the closing.
read more... 11/02/2009

Ceryl Resola

REALTOR: Betty Laboska
Betty is the best Realtor in the world. We had our house listed with another Realtor and had no success but we knew that if we listed with Betty she would get the job done. Our house was sold in three weeks. She is the best in town
read more... 11/02/2009

Sue Walser

REALTOR: Edward Pajor
I have bought and sold 3 times with Ed and he was great helping every step of the way.
read more... 09/20/2009

Pam Brightbill

REALTOR: Andy Walker
Are you the 32 year old Andy that I met at Show and Tell in Philly this past Saturday night??? You were at a bachelor party with 20 other guys and I was at a bachelorette party with not that many girls. I probably shouldn't have looked you up like this, but I thought I would see if it worked. And I really enjoyed talking to you that night. I wish I could've talked philosophy with you for the rest of the night into the morning. ;-) Email me if you have a chance to and if you want.
read more... 08/18/2009

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