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REALTOR: Greg Ballos
RE: Actually, you seem to me to have the opinion that conpiratoors can do no wrong. What would happen, the same as always happens, is that conpiratoors will run dollars, Yuan, Rubles, or Rupees through the United states, and on to the next place they can make a profit. pfft is right about the liqiudity trap, and doing away with the corporate tax, though it sounds like a great idea, won't help any.What we need is trade agreements to get money moving. The days of in country velocity, like China is finding, are going to be very hard to get back. Consumers want more, at a reduced price.
read more... 12/18/2012

mark Cullen

REALTOR: Jena Carolan
where my land e-mail
read more... 05/10/2010

connie hilbert

REALTOR: Sydna Miller Reed
She was probably the best agent I had ever met. Honest, and with so much integrity! What a joy to work with! Found us just what we were looking for.
read more... 09/18/2009


REALTOR: Joel Garcia
I prefer going with someone else who does things the right way.
read more... 09/13/2009

acquistare via internet

REALTOR: Misty Rice
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read more... 08/21/2009

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