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» Tiffany Strenk

Tiffany Strenk: page #1

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Hope you sell a bunch so you can pay for the Hummer and all the gas.
read more... 03/20/2012

Deep Thoughts.....
I will be selling my gently worn soiled sulfer smelling shirts with the slogan: “It is whats inside your soul that counts and you can not take that!”. It is so inspiring that Pepe said free chiclets with every order!!! And especial house clean...
read more... 03/20/2012

Failed Responsibility
your anger, frustration...and comments will get you nowhere....
read more... 03/20/2012

Failed Responsibility
Get over it already...I see a bean pole rosashai redfaced sulfer smelling hair thinning elf eared penis nosed B**tch!
read more... 03/20/2012

What did you actually win? You can not even pay for the Hummer!
read more... 03/19/2012

You for sure did not win. You only fuled your EGO. You may have all the things but you really have nothing. It is whats inside your soul that counts and you can not take that! I feel sorry for you and mostly the children.
read more... 03/19/2012

Mr. D - Winning!!!
read more... 03/17/2012

Mr D. Stole the house
OOOPS Stole the kids, house and Hummer! The Hummer was nice till I had my accident. Now its ugly and I can't make the Hummer payment!
read more... 03/13/2012

Confirmed from all the wonderful comments below. Tiffany Strenk and her father Dan Howes and family are racist pigs. They are also child abusers.
read more... 02/24/2012

My chica de la limpieza smells of warm green wet caca. I must be the goat meat. It ok, because I smell like road kill.
read more... 02/24/2012

I need muy gordo balding midget for my ass clown show.
read more... 02/24/2012

Guadalupe es muy frio but I have my poncho and my sombrero.
read more... 02/24/2012

Mex Pointy Boots
I have mex pointy boots. Will trade for boat that does not work.
read more... 02/24/2012

I need burro runt for my banana ranch.
read more... 02/24/2012

I have pinata. Will trade 4 yard bird.
read more... 02/24/2012

Anybody know where I can get a toe-keeto? Will settle for incha-laddas or free-holeys.
read more... 02/24/2012

Me no loco in la cabeza.
read more... 02/24/2012

I just did caca in baking pan and put wipes in corner.
read more... 02/24/2012

My family wants to start selling Chicklets, it was good money back at the banana ranch.
read more... 02/24/2012

mr d in the house
kids hes taking the right path ps say no to the wrong path always consequences
read more... 02/24/2012

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