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REALTOR: Scott and Sam Mikel
You don??t have to sit back and accept Atlanta Foreclosure Attorney! You can still save your house. Contact Atlanta Foreclosure Attorney today to learn how you can stop fuolcersore and protect your home and family. I use their service Highly recommended
read more... 10/01/2012


REALTOR: Roy Chambers
Typically you can net six figures wiihtn three years of starting in the business. Some of the larger firms allow you the opportunity to work on a team with senior brokers who may pay you a nominal salary for a year or two ($ 25,000/annum-$ 45,000/annum) or allow you a monthly draw to be reimbursed to the firm by your future commissions. You need to understand the commission split structure with the firm you are working for and what it covers (desk cost, etc.). Many of the larger firms take a larger share of your commissions but have lots of resources and salaried staff in marketing, research, etc that smaller firms offering higher splits don't. You also need to understand if you will be an independent contractor or an employee. Many smaller firms do not offer benefits (i.e. medical, 401k options, etc.) while some of the larger firms do. Regardless of where you land, your first couple of years will most likely be spent cold calling tenants and landlords and trying to gain experience by working smaller deals.
read more... 10/01/2012


REALTOR: Lisa Brannon
LOL. Abolishing regulations spmily means that employers and employees can tailor wage/safety mixes to their own specifications, .. You are really ignorant of history aren't you. This is exactly what will happen, miners will die. You stupid fuck libertarians will have removed the right of collective bargaining, the miners will have no legal recourse. The progressive movement will begin again 100 years after the 1st. Adios.
read more... 09/30/2012


REALTOR: Corky Teager
in foreclosure down at the pulbic trustee's auction. It's also an update on this post where unknowing renters were being evicted from the property even though they had a lease in place
read more... 09/30/2012


REALTOR: Tom Bacchus
Yes you can buy leads from a lead vendor.Research the comnpay, make sure they have the lead types you are looking for. Some key things you'll want to look at:1. Lead type Life insurance, DI, homeowners ETC.2. exclusive lead or shared lead an exclusive lead will cost more because you are the only agent receiving it. a shared lead can go to many agents therefore is less expensive, but there will be Competition, the key with this type is to act fast!!!3. Freshness of the lead.4. How they do their marketing.5. Does their way of doing business work along with your agent budget.
read more... 09/30/2012


REALTOR: Jason Sant
Does anyone know where Jason can be located?
read more... 12/01/2011

robin rathbun

REALTOR: Jason Sant
work with him at keller willams cost me 7 k on a 10 k stop pmnt when he did the paperwork wrong should have kicked his ass it also screwed his investor beware
read more... 10/05/2011


REALTOR: Jason Sant
Jason Sant or Jim Brick hmmm both are crooks. He thinks he is smarter than you, quicker than you and better than you. The SEC should have nailed his and Tyler's butt to a wall somewhere, but they gave em a slap on the wrist. I wouldn't trust either one of them with 10 bucks of my money
read more... 04/06/2011


REALTOR: Jason Sant
I know Jason personally, and he's not a bad person. He had several projects that could not get refinanced when the market crashed. He was put in a very difficult position, and did the best he could with the worst real estate crash in our lifetime. Get over it and move on
read more... 03/02/2010

Betty Buysalot

REALTOR: Jason Sant
Jason Lier Sant - The name says it all.
read more... 01/12/2010

Kathy Foster

REALTOR: Willie Stewart
Willie helped me buy my house and she was awesome! She took care of all the details right up to the time I moved in my new home. I recommend her to anyone
read more... 12/05/2009

Screwed Investor

REALTOR: Jason Sant
Yes...I did spell trust and sued wrong...but the story is the same....
read more... 11/23/2009

Screwed Investor

REALTOR: Jason Sant
I don't blame Jason for the crash....just the $20K he owed me but never paid. He made money on the deals...I ended up with 3 forclosures and a bankruptcy. Don't just this man...being sewed by a lot of people and in trouble with the IRS...look out Jason!!
read more... 11/23/2009

Jeff Hutchinson

REALTOR: Jason Sant
I've worked with Jason for several years, and have made a lot of money. He's always been completely up front, and brutally honest, which I know some people dont like. Not sure what the problems below are, but I guess a lot of people have lost money in real estate over the last few years because of the crash. Everyone wants a scapegoat...
read more... 08/05/2009

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