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Jeff Turchi

REALTOR: Dan Burgeson
Dan moved me into his Borlen Farms subdivision he was selling on behalf of Kaerek Home Builders. He sold my home in 24 hours and had me into a brand new home in less then 30 days! After seeing his marketing efforts on my old property I can see why it sold so fast. He does a great service and is very knowledgeable about the new construction world and has his thumb on the real estate market! I would recommend anyone to use his services.
read more... 08/11/2010

Tom Van Epren

REALTOR: Dan Burgeson
Dan worked with Us on the sale and purchase. Since we had purchased in a declining market, Dan, with the promise to purchase a home with him, sold our current house at a much lower commission allowing us to afford more home. Dan has a very strong understanding of the marketplace and is very direct without any run around. Thanks again and keep selling! You deserve it!
read more... 08/11/2010


REALTOR: Brad Hetland
I went with Brad to MANY homes ,many were so bad but he made it fun. He kept right on until I found my perfect home! I would reccomend him to anyone and that he served in the military is a bonus because you know he will not give up! Thanks Brad!!
read more... 03/31/2010

jenny lechuga

REALTOR: Dori Pavlovsky
When I thought i was transferring to the knoxville area i called dori pavlovsky The House Lady to help me find a home. She was awesome! When I gave her my list of needs and wishes she was able to show me several houses that fit. We had fun house hunting. i was very sorry when the transfer did not come thru. i can recommend dori to any one. she is great.
read more... 12/23/2009

Brent Faulk

REALTOR: Nathan Walldorf
“Nathan comes from a long history of Real Estate professionals. His expert advice comes from many years of being in the field. I bought my current house from him and had a wonderful experience. There are many realtors out there but few that would measure up to Nathan's ability and integrity. Next time you are looking for a house be sure to include Nathan in your search.” December 19, 2009
read more... 12/21/2009

Tim Sceggel

REALTOR: Nathan Walldorf
I used Nathan as my real estate agent to purchase my home in April 2008. I was extremely impressed with his integrity and knowledge of the industry. I felt at ease knowing he was representing me. I have recommended him to all my friends seeking an agent and plan to use him again when I sell my house
read more... 12/08/2009

Mike Covington

REALTOR: Nathan Walldorf
Nathan did a great job in getting my home sold. I would use him again in a heartbeat.
read more... 12/08/2009

Joy Stanton

REALTOR: Nathan Walldorf
Nathan is trustworthy, dependable, and enjoyable to work with. He made our house buying experience a pleasant and successful one and we would recommend him to anyone without reservation.
read more... 12/08/2009

Jonathan Scott

REALTOR: Nathan Walldorf
I would highly recommend Nathan to anyone who has any real estate needs in the Chattanooga area. Nathan worked extensively and in a very personal way to help us look for a new home over a long period of time. My wife and I were extremely thankful that we could work with someone reliable, honest, and hard working. I would definitely say that he went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us purchase our new home, working with us throughout the entire process and answering any questions that we had.
read more... 12/08/2009


REALTOR: Alice Zaganczyk
Mrs. Zaganczyk is the worst property manager I have ever dealt with. She lies to potential tenants. She doesn't keep the grounds up. She doesn't fix things that are broken. You can never get hold of her. She is rather hostile and negative if you don't agree with her. I would not recommend this agent to anyone.
read more... 10/10/2009

Ronnie B

REALTOR: Steve Stark
I did not care too much for this fella. When I met him he was beligerant, looked a mess and reeked of alcohol. He might not be a bad guy but he is not a man I want to ever deal with again. He threatened to sue me because he said I wasted his time.... give me a break.
read more... 08/28/2009

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