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REALTOR: Toni Tygart
I have worked with hdnureds of agents and met only 3 that worked their ass off. Just saying You may be one of the few exceptions and a decent attorney?? will in no way cost more than a couple of hundred dollars for these types of transactions.
read more... 07/21/2013


REALTOR: Katie Olsen
another way is to make a video slideshow of huoses and up it on YouTube using Ezvid what's very cool is that it is FREE so it won't cost you more to show off the?? huoses and sell it on YouTube. Just google search for Ezvid to get it
read more... 07/21/2013


REALTOR: Anne & Tim Wiens
Linda - His smile IS priceless, but oh, those eyes! Crystal clear blue. What a doll! I can tell he's a cdeldur not much wonder you love being Auntie.
read more... 07/21/2013


REALTOR: Bob Hakes
If you can file bankruptcy you soluhd, if the foreclosure is inevitable. The bankruptcy along with this horrible economy and many banks mishandling of foreclosures will put a big stall on the foreclosure process.The other reason for filing bankruptcy before a foreclosure is that it may discharge you from your mortgage. If you are not discharged you may be still liable for a deficiency which is the difference between the balance of the mortgage and what a foreclosure sale price will be. Your credit afterward?Well a foreclosure will stay on your credit report for 7 years but with 2 years of good credit meaning no negatives you will be able to be well on your way to enjoying credit again.
read more... 07/21/2013


REALTOR: Rodger Tunnell
Roger,I am very interested in your work I thhogut the seminar was wonderful I was unable to re listen to all of it but what I have heard I really liked.. I am the mother of two adopted children and have had a journey in this area.I am also a teacher of The Alexander Technique The Alexander Technique is a system of mind and body re education . I use this with my children and myself . It helps with finding a place of mindfulness as it gives the tool to stop in the moment and quiet the system before choosing how to respond to our children. It also has great properties to help children with their balance when they are learning writing reading running playing as it brings us back to our inate balance and co ordination.Alexander also believed the Industrial Revolution was the downfall of our development as individuals and as you , does not believe in labels.I have a question about how that all plays out in the world as yesterday my 15 year old son could not use the bathrooms at the beach , needed to use the bathroom and I had to leave my friend with the other two 13 year olds my daughter and her friend till I could find somewhere for him to go . I found a health club and had to say my son has special needs and can not use the public bathroom then she let me in with him.He is wonderful and is functioning well but I have lots of questions. I will not be able to be free during the panel today.I would like to be in touch and talk about how I might help both my children more and tell how I have .I like Bryan Post's work very much and would like to link up with him as I feel my work fits well with his as it really helps people to stop and do something different . His philosophy of different is very true and helpful.I liked all the speakers I heard . All differing aspects of helping ourselves and our children.I have been using lots of different methods of help and I believe that we can add in the things that help and you provided a lot of new opportunities.I would like to talk further about moving forward for more help for my kids and the work as well as how my journey might help others.So I will not try to be there for the panel today most likely but would like to be in touch with you and your wife, with the attorney at the least. How is it best to do this?Thanks Alice Olsherthanks
read more... 07/21/2013


REALTOR: Dunie Queen
The only assumable loans are VA loans, and the ansmuisg party has to qualify.You can not convey title while there are outstanding liens. You're options are to rent it out and keep paying the mortgage, sell it, or foreclose on it.
read more... 07/21/2013


REALTOR: Brenda Little
The problem is: Who would take over the pytnemas if the total loan is greater than the value of the home.If the loan is less than the value, you should just sell it for what it's worth, an d move.Alternatively, find out what it could rent for and jjust rent it out for a few years.
read more... 07/21/2013


REALTOR: Tina Minter
It all depends on your deotniiifn of taking over your payments. Most mortgage documents will not allow you to assign the mortgage agreement with the lender without first approving the new applicant. So lets start there. Why dont you just the ask the bank and explain you cannot afford the payments anymore and are seriously thinking about walking away from your home because it cannot be sold. They may suggest: 1. Deed in lieu 2. Short Sale 3. Consent Foreclosure-if allowed in your state.Then ask them if they would consider assigning the mortgage to someone if they can qualify? The banks are adjusting policies everyday to prevent foreclosures so anything might be possible.If the answer is no, then the only viable option would be to draft up a rent to own agreement which does not transfer ownership but transfers future equity. Also contact the bank and add the person to the account as an authorized user. This will require you to submit an authorize user agreement. Once they have authorized user status they will be able to contact the bank directly, and perform most functions as if they were the owner. If in the future there is a problem you can always cancel the authorize user agreementAs long as the person continues to make the mortgage payments at some future date of their choosing they will be able to purchase the property.
read more... 07/21/2013


REALTOR: Donna Moy-Bruno
This guy is a an idiot the flat fee $300 Broker isn't advertising your house for that money or scerening for?? qualified buyers or showing your house or negotiating for you or any else that matters to the seller in a ral estate transaction. Why do you think those national boys went out of business?
read more... 07/21/2013


ARTICLE: The Benefits of Staging Your Westfield, New Jersey Home For Sale
Good to find an expert who knows what he's taniklg about!
read more... 07/21/2013


REALTOR: Steven Bognacki
I've trained Realtors for over eight years. Done over 1000 trsiaactnons. First of all an agent by law can't steer someone to?? your home based on commission. If that's their motive for showing the house first you are attracting a crooked agent. A well done listing with lots of good photos, description and an easy way to get easy showing instructions is what really attacts selling agents.
read more... 07/21/2013


REALTOR: Connie Wildasinn
These are the people that you need to run from. They say if they ask for money ufnorpt they are in it to take your money and this is what these people did. 5000.00 down?? the drain and when I needed them to rep me with the mortgage company they had no information on my case on file! Tish Washington did not return calls and changed her number to avoid me! Just try the number, it does not work anymore!
read more... 07/20/2013


REALTOR: julie crowling
Yes, but it's a secret .I'll share with you! First, when you say stop do you ueradstnnd you are halting the process only and not the lenders rights under sate code. Anything can be negotiate up till a notice of sale (i.e. California). Then all bets are more or less off. If you want to negotiate a settlement then talk to the lender before a sale date is set. Attorneys can also seek a temporary injunction for a valid claim against your lender. NOW THE SECRET: But if you think you have a wrongful foreclosure action then DON'T stop the process let it continue. After the home goes back to the lender it's only then you have grounds for a wrongful claim. Stay in the home afterwards by responding to the unlawful detainer the lender will file to have you removed. Make your claim strong as to decepetive and predatory isntances a good auditor can determine for you. Some folks have gotten back their home at 50 cents on the current loan against their house under a negotiated settlement.
read more... 07/20/2013


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Total crook. Screwed me for about 20k. Ruined my credit. Dropped off the map. Piece of garbage.
read more... 06/12/2013

Leonard M.

REALTOR: Camille Milke
Camille and her husband are in the business of taking over the deeds of homes and selling them on real estate contract for higher than the value. They often do not make the payment on the underlying loan and the end user loses the home along with all of their investment. Be careful with them.
read more... 06/12/2013


ARTICLE: Foreclosure process in Florida (FL)
Hello, everyone. Today to discuss the global market of sports shoes consumption.
read more... 05/31/2013

Troy Hines

REALTOR: Camille Milke
Our experience was simple & done with ease. We really appreciated your responsiveness to our interest and how accessible you were to make things move quickly. Judy and Troy Hines
read more... 05/29/2013

Yvonne Marrs

REALTOR: Camille Milke
To Whom it May Concern, My name is Yvonne Marrs, my Husband and I recently purchased a our home in Edgewood, NM from Ms. Camille Milke, she was wonderful to work with, and kept us well informed. We enjoyed working with Ms. Milke so much and she did such a wonderful job helping us get into our forever home that we have recommended her to several of our family members and friends whom we know are looking for homes themselves. Ms. Milke was not just interested in selling us a house but rather helping us to find and get into our forever home she is truly cared about making sure our home fit us and our needs and if ever we were in the market for a home again there is no doubt that I would call Ms. Milke to assist us again.
read more... 05/29/2013

Richard Smith

REALTOR: Orlando Heras
Now a days is hard to find a Realtor that you can trust. I will recommend Orlando to any body who wants a smooth transaction,
read more... 05/17/2013

Juan Garcia

REALTOR: Orlando Heras
Orlando muchas gracias por ayudarme a conseguir la casa de nuestros sue?os. Thank you!
read more... 05/17/2013

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