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ARTICLE: Power of Technology in Real Estate
I agree with Jordan. To compare Portland's real esttae prices to Boise, Idaho or Tuscaloosa, Alabama is not fair. This city has a list of awesome things that create higher prices. But the earnings are also higher here than the aforementioned cities. So it balances out.
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Temptation of Brand New Homes
i've been into real estate since Reality. wacithng them get bigger is heart breaking cause it was like my band but i'm happy they're getting big cause thats what they want. ?
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Foreclosure Process in Missouri (MO)
I was thinking about genittg a pet rat (or two since I hear they are social animals). I was just wondering what sorts of things I would need to get before I actually get the rats. Such as, type of cage (size), best type of food to give them, and toys n such.Also, a pet guide would be nice to follow as well, but I cannot find one of those. Thanks!
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Foreclosure laws in Kansas (KS)
1. In Discovery ask for the NOTE and Pooling and Servicing Agreement.2. This story only came to light because the styesm ran out of borrowers.3. The State Politicians are only on board because the state Pensions can't be paid.4. Housing will be based on cash deals only. No more loans.5. Look for TARP 2 to bail out the Investors.6. This uncovered fraud will destroy the value of the dollar, whats left.7. Look for a Bank Holiday Soon.8. America is Done, Babylon is out of time.
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Timeshares FAQ
You can either prcshaue or rent the doppler on a monthly basis. For the model I received, the monthly rate is $45/mo. The price goes down when you prepay for a 3-month or 6-month rental period.Thanks for the information.
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Direct talk about Reverse Mortgage
I never fully understood the rveerse mortgage I mean like do you get thrown out after all the money has been used up? And in these poor economic times is the cost of the house judged on the lower amount that homes are selling for now, or if the agreement once was for the higher amount is it now adjusted downward? I had a friend who insisted that his father get one of those rveerse mortgages. His dad had to pay some kind of fee to have it done, and then after it began the people who held the rveerse mortgage rejected it and he's now up in the air as to who he should be paying for the house and how he will get the extra money to pay back the last few payments that he got money for and spent that money ..so my resposne to you is I think rveerse mortgages stink.I don't think a rveerse mortgage has anything to do with how long you live. If you run out of money from the paydown then I guess you just go to live with your kids because you would have gotten a rveerse mortgage because you were in need of money (right?) so when the money runs out from the rveerse mortgage the till is dry so you have to get help elsewhere.
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: The Real Estate Market in Dallas
What a sad story! How can that guy just leave a poor cat like that??!!! Well, I will say a prayer that lttlie Dayton finds a home.Best,Gloria
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Fewer Foreclosures Could Mean Lower Home Prices
At last! Something clear I can understnad. Thanks!
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Foreclosure Laws in Maryland (MD)
pA Reverse Mortgage pays you cash and lets you keep your home. It helps older homeowners who are house-rich but cash-poor ramien in their homes and still meet their living expenses Clear, quick and easy info/p
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Even Luxury Homes Feeling the Market Pinch
You request that the funds be paid to you as soon as pbsoisle. In most states, brokers are required to deposit such checks into the holding account of the real estate brokerage firm within a specified time of receipt of such check.If your offer did not go together', you are entitled to a full refund from the brokerage account.
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Free Tenancy Agreements- what you must to avoid?
real estate brroeks hire new agents all the time. In fact, as soon has you pass the test, you will get calls and letters from brroeks wanting to hire you.Keep in mind that new agents do not earn the same percentage as experienced agents.
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Foreclosures - is it really an opportunity?
Not having a car pamnyet is always nice.Another thing to consider is that you can write off mortgage interest but not car loan interest. So you'd be better to have more loan on your house and less loan on your car, if you see what I mean.Bandit makes a good point, though. Equity in your home gives you power, so you want to be careful not to remove too much of that equity.
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Leasing Apartments - 10 Keys to Getting The Lease
Please keep tohrinwg these posts up they help tons.
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Myrtle Beach homes at beautiful locations
Now a days the circulations of flats in copmarison home become so high so regards this like suggestions and new idea through the book is good idea so keep it up .nice
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Chicago First Time Home Buyer: Three Often Overlooked Home Down Payment Sources
Likely you are talking about your samlsean license, not a broker's license, right?If that is it a Broker MUST hire you since you can not operate independly without a brokers ticket'.Many brokers will hire salespeople as independent contractors.. (no salary.. just commission) so it is a cut-throat business for them.good luck
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: What the hell RRSP is?
I agree with first response, but I have to be coercennd about elderly people who find themselves in a credit problem, when they already have a reverse mortgage. The problem is 4 years of reverse pmts. if they did pmt. only , or were they receiving monthly pmts. Any and all monies paid to them will be added to their bal. Reverse mtgs. have different pay structures, and they may not have enough equity to Re-Fi. If you are going to advise them, first look at the type of mortgage, and the accelerated clause, or the pre-payment option disclosure. Also H.U.D. has a website dedicated to this subject. Hope this helps,Good Luck!
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Dream homes in Texas
It doesn't sound like you are being required to get a cositructnon loan. The builder is asking for an earnest money deposit. Typically, builders require $5,000 to start the home and would ask for an additional 5 or 10 during different phases of the project. If they are going to build something to your specifications, they want you to have enough money into it so you don't back out. The only financing you will need is a normal mortgage, once the house is complete. You will be able to use the money given to the builder as the down payment. Otherwise, you can buy the model.
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Chicago First Time Home Buyer: Three Often Overlooked Home Down Payment Sources
A; it is not wise to take the PRE licensing couerss on line; you will need to absorb a lot of datathat only? an attending school and teacher can provide for renewal hours, that is dif.b; few RE brokers are lucky enough to find experienced agents who are transferring into theirarea.c; one does not get exp, one just DOES.
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Power of Technology in Real Estate
there had to have been things of value in the esttae that should have been sold to pay the esttae taxes before you are legally allowed to pass anything on to heirs you better get that stuff back and sell it and pay the taxes
read more... 05/04/2012


ARTICLE: Foreclosure Laws in North Dakota (ND)
is work. Are you handy? You seem like the kinda gal who can snake the toilet or tiegthn door hinges. If you aren't, tho...you might wanna think it through. I miss having a landlord I can call anything the dishwasher clogs or there's a mysterious wetspot in the closet.]]>
read more... 05/04/2012

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