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ARTICLE: A Guide to Leavenworth, Washington Condos
You can roll in other debt to your mortgage dndenpieg on how much you qualify for and how much you intend to borrow. The question of weather you should is a matter of your circumstances. You usually pay less in interest on a car/student/credit card loan over the life of that loan than you would if you payed interest on it over the 30 years of a mortgage. Your mortgage broker should be able to show you what the actual cost would be throughout the life of the loan.
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I suppose not but I would reomemcnd you to call your local DREI'm a Real Estate agent in The O.C Californiaand Real Estate needs feel free to give me a call
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ARTICLE: Bulk Foreclosure Sales Could Cause Bigger Bank Write-Downs
I don't know any realtors who take as much time to get inevlovd & interactive as you. This website is a fantastic way to bridge that gap. I'm not in the market to buy today, but if I am, I'll be sure to hit you up. Thank you! Reply
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REALTOR: Linda Welch
Tax appraisal is denetmired by sales price and tax rate.An appraisal is denetmired by market value. The appraiser takes comparable homes which have recently sold in the neighborhood and the condition of the home to determine appraised value. I wouldn't worry about it coming in any different from what you are offering the bank because the appraiser is a third party hired by you the buyer to give an accurate value. Even if the property was worth more he won't appraise the property for more then you offered. If it is a bank owned home then they already had an appraiser do an appraisal and probably a Realtor do a BPO. You can rest assure that the bank wants to sell the property and wants it sold yesterday so they are pretty good about pricing homes accordingly.So it looks to me the previous owner paid 109k and you are paying 96k so your taxes will be lower then his but during a market on an incline your tax appraisal could go up.Good Luck!
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ARTICLE: Final Foreclosures Fall as Pipeline Swells
You don't give enough inotmrafion. How old are these debts? Are they even worth trying to settle? Paying collections do NOT help your credit score one single solitary bit. So if past Statute of Limitations there is no sense to pay and if there isn't a threat of suing, you shouldn't be opening any doors. Assuming you already have looked at those things and you KNOW settlements are the option, sure you can say that. Remember if the accounts have been charged off and are with collectors, they paid pennies on the dollars. If they think they have you scared, they will push the issue. If they know they can sue.. they will be harder to settle with so you can play hardball to. Write back and simply say this is an impossible offer. I offered the best deal that we can possibly make.. if you fail to accept this offer, please cease all communication. If you pursue this in court, we will be prepared with all financial inotmrafion to show the judge what we are able to afford. You are then telling them you know you can show up at court, the judge does have say in payments etc. BUT again.. take a step back and make sure you even need to settle this. Way too many people work hard on settling debt that is not even legally collectible.
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REALTOR: Addy Adler
I love the visual of you snakeing down to the kitchen early in the morning to shovel in a few donuts! Haha! I told Allen just the other day, I should have a rule that I will only eat something myself if I would feed it to Ava. I'm so conscious about what quality of food goes into her body, but it doesn't phase me one bit to have eight chocolate chip cookies for dinner. I'm not kidding that happened recently. Good for you for sticking to it. I bet you look great!
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ARTICLE: Foreclosure process in Indiana (IN)
I've bought svaerel foreclosure books and this one is one of my favorites. This effectively has some of the most detailed information about tax liens and tax deed foreclosures but in a very short form (to the point). One big thing that made me buy this book is the online support I was able to get responses within two hours from the publisher on questions relating Georgia tax liens. That's not bad, considering some books don't even have web sites. I mentioned on the subject header to not buy the Ultimate Foreclosure Kit which is also by the same author. This book is more updated, has more information, and is discounted online.
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ARTICLE: Find Chesapeake Virginia Apartments for Rent
Julia K. Selby - Thank you Jayson and Rachael for the generosity of your hard work at our September weniddg. As Doug and I keep looking at our weniddg pictures we have a chance to relive the emotions of that blessed day that is so special to us and above all that we are able to share the memories with our dear friends and loved ones, even those who were not able to join us. You have truly captured the love that Doug and I have for each other. You simply caught two people very much in love. And as we keep looking at our weniddg pictures, we are reminded once more to be grateful for the friends and family we have, for having someone to grow old with and to have been able to find that one person that you can certainly survive and live without, but you just really really do not want to. And because of these photographs, we can now truly say ???Yes true love does exist and fairy tales are possible???. You were able to tell OUR story, to add a visual chapter to our book and as we keep on writing we can only hope that we can keep you as our illustrators. Thank you!
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ARTICLE: Audit Uncovers Extensive Flaws in Foreclosures
Well the first thing is that the banks do not want you to know they do not more then likely own your house lglleay anyhow.If you have a loan between 2006 and 2009 you are paying the bank for a house they dont even own the note on anyhow.So basically weather you are in default or not your wrongfully paying a bank for something they have been paid for already 15 times over.Not to mention a security and a not can not exist at the same time.I do mortgage audits and the banks are full of crap.
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ARTICLE: Post Housing Boom of Dupont WA
Great presentation!We've been putintg together lots of resources and podcasts for people interested in learning about these types of investments. Do a google search for Arixa trust deed investing FAQs for more info.
read more... 05/02/2012


ARTICLE: Myrtle Beach homes at beautiful locations
Wow! Talk about a posting knconikg my socks off!
read more... 05/02/2012


ARTICLE: Three Important Factors to Remember When Researching Commercial Properties for Sale
With 33 entries this week, this was a tough job for Dustin, Jillayne, Rhonda and I. Diane made it easeir because she was so far and above! Thanks Diane!A couple of questions for Drew:1) One person sent three entries. Is there a limit to the number of entries one person can send in one week?2) Does the post have to written in the week of submission? Can someone send a post they wrote in 2006 as example?
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ARTICLE: Finding Texas real estate on the internet
When leaving ana esttae to be divided between say 3 children and one the children predecease the parents, does the esttae then get divided amongst the remaining children?
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ARTICLE: The Rebirth of the San Antonio Real Estate Market
I could get u set up and you can avoid all the head aches of making your wetsibe work for you.I can set up your store on the internet.I'd charge you $100.So costs involving having your own wetsibe include: web hosting, domain name, web developer (me)Anyway if you are interested e-mail me, and I'll tell you some more.
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ARTICLE: Real Estate Outlook: More Markets Show Measurable Improvement
Treasury is terrified of a flood of new frsocloruees. I believe that is why the Treasury issued a directive last week extending the trial modification period to at least the end of January.There are several possible options:More short sales. Short sale activity is already increasing, and the Treasury introduced the Foreclosure Alternatives Program to help with short sales and Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure transactions. However servicers are very afraid of short sale fraud (non-arm length transactions), and short sales are also distressed properties pushing down prices something Treasury is desperately trying to avoid.Encouraging servicers to write down principal. This would be very expensive, and if paid for by taxpayers it would be very unpopular because it would appear to favor speculators over the prudent.Converting homeowners to renters. This is something Dean Baker suggested, and is kind of a Single Family Public Housing program. This would avoid the flood of frsocloruees, and the banks could sell the homes over several years.None of these programs is especially attractive, so I expect more delays and can kicking that will keep frsocloruees elevated for years. I've felt all along that HAMP was just a delaying tactic. By restricting supply, the program has pushed up house prices a little and that has helped the banks raise capital. Now that the capital raises are over, maybe it is time to just accept the consequences and let house prices fall to market clearing levels.-excerpt from HAMP Seen Hurting Housing from Calculated Risk . Reply
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ARTICLE: Forty States Sign On to Foreclosure ‘Robo’ Settlement
Since listing aegnts change between a short sale and an REO it isn't really practical to know what offers submitted at short sale were vs. when they sell as a bank owned but I know from the few times I've participated in the short sale and it fell through I saw the same house sell for substantially less when it went back to the bank. The reluctance by banks to accept short sales lies in many different areas, including mortgage insurance rules, write-offs, borrower's ability to pay (even if they are not) and the sheer number of in-default loans they are dealing with. The best answer would be one given by one of the big banks but they refuse to explain these situations to us. Reply
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REALTOR: Jennifer Gentry-Gates
Learn more about REO's?»? by reading this great book is caelld REO BOOM it has over 400 pages on the entire REO process. Have you ever thought of becoming a real estate agent well now is the time to get that license. Learn how you can make 2012 a successful year in REO. Follow the REO FARM method and make a change in your life.
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ARTICLE: What's a homeowner to do?
yes you will need a social secuirty card first.FHA allows non-scoring borrowers but the rates might not be as well as having a excellent credit score.this also depends on how much you want to put down, and your income.
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ARTICLE: Real estate
Commercial real estate agnets usually make more than residential BUT there is a long wait for your first commission the commissions are few and far between but they are larger.
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ARTICLE: Home Inspection Checklist
Now this guy handles PIPELINES ..Exit stgaiertes times 10 !This is what thinking big is. (larger scale)Easy stuff, but takes a certain way of being.Don't worry guys, you don't need to know.Just send us all the leads.Good times. lol
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