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ARTICLE: You'll really want it back
Unfortunately they can. Crooks the lot of them. You could try contacting the laodlnrd direct as sometimes they are willing to ditch the agent as they (the laodlnrd) get stung for renewals as well!If not, try to find a private laodlnrd next time. We manage without these criminal add ons.
read more... 05/01/2012


ARTICLE: Florida Hotels for Sale - Know the Basics of Investing One
I am foreign ciezitn from Japan. I have been interested in buying property in Mississippi. My doctor purchased a house there a year ago and has made a substantial profit there. He found it by
read more... 05/01/2012


ARTICLE: Chapter 7 for "Joe the Plumber"
Brett:That is a great point, prices down and rates down ealqus a good equation for buying. I saw a statistic in our area that the median price was down and the median income was down but with the low rates, the income required to buy that median home is lower too, meaning that more people actually are approved for the median price home than in past years.Mike Grumbles
read more... 05/01/2012


ARTICLE: 5 Ways of Earning Alternative Income With Real Estate
there is no difference on your cderit between a short sale and full blown foereclosure . I question your info. debt releif can be forgiven and is not complex, especially if you have put a substantial amount down this is a reportable loss (offset).
read more... 05/01/2012


ARTICLE: Foreclosure Process in New York (NY)
Proven Strategy = I didn't know everything about it. But I think I knew it was coemrmcial, right off a busy street. And I believe I looked at a google map 100X100FT property I would have had to build a road to access. This is called LUCK . I see hundred of these type people buy small strips of land and still own them 10 years later. Sad, sad video
read more... 05/01/2012


ARTICLE: South Florida's real estate crisis in one chart
I am a person from Switzerland. I have been hpnoig to acquiring property in Memphis, TN. My associate purchased a triplex there a year ago and has made a enormous return there. She found it by
read more... 05/01/2012


ARTICLE: Fed's push on housing crosses a line, critics say
At first glance you prlabboy should not be purchasing a home. There are a few questions that come to mind. In this senior community what are the HOA fees and taxes? Where is your income coming from? If you work what are the chances you will need to change jobs? Why do you want to buy a home? What has happened to the home values in this community? The appreciation in these communities is usually not good.
read more... 05/01/2012


ARTICLE: Foreclosure Laws in Wyoming(WY)
Surprisingly yes, There is a chance. They have a much bteter team this year. Also there is no great team in the National League. The Mets have very questionable pitching. The Cardinals were not very good(83 wins) and might have a worse pitching staff than last year. Houston will be weaker without Petitte and Clemens. The Dodgers are short on power. The Giants are old and thin. So the Cubs, if they can regroup and stay healthy, could win over 85 games and get into the playoffs.If they get in the playoffs they have as good a chance as anyone to win.
read more... 05/01/2012


ARTICLE: Stop Mortgage Foreclosure - Sizzling Hidden Tips And Strategies Revealed
Foolishness! The back mortgage ptmneyas plus penalties and interest will be paid at closing all right, but out of his pocket not out of the real estate company commission!The property had to sell for enough to satisfy all the liens against it including the mortgage. Your friend does not have a clue as to how things work.If the property did not have enough equity he would have had to pay money at closing or not be able to sell at all!
read more... 05/01/2012


ARTICLE: How to Get the Best Deals in Coronado Real Estate For Sale
Walknig in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!
read more... 05/01/2012

Tia Durrett

REALTOR: Jeff Haith
We worked with Jeff about a year ago, he helped us buy our first home. If you're looking for a realtor who is dependable, dedicated, and easy going, you'll love Jeff. One weekend he took us to see nearly fifteen properties in two days, and he never got tired or frustrated with us. There was never any pressure to like a property, and he always gave us his honest opinion about them. When we finally did get our house it was about three months after we had started working with Jeff. Then we referred him to our parents and they loved working with him as well. You wont regret working with Jeff Haith!
read more... 04/18/2012

mortgage loans

REALTOR: Judy Luna
Do you acknowledge that it is correct time to get the personal loans, which can make you dreams real.
read more... 04/14/2012

notebook review

ARTICLE: Leona Valley, CA Homes for sale
Enjoyed every bit of your article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.
read more... 04/13/2012

LifeCell Reviews

ARTICLE: Leona Valley, CA Homes for sale
Im thankful for the post.Thanks Again. Want more.
read more... 04/05/2012


REALTOR: Nancy White
Hi. I'm sorry I post in a wrong section. -- Best regards!
read more... 04/01/2012

tammie inman

ARTICLE: Niceville, The Blue Water Bay Rentals
Looking for rental in bluewater bay for me and my husband and your ad was informalalble
read more... 04/01/2012


REALTOR: Camille Milke
In October 2011, I sold my home in Rio Rancho to Camille Milke on a real estate contract. The transaction was professionally offered and completed as promised. Ms. Milke purchased my home when it did not sell through normal channels after many months on the market. Ms. Milke has been easy to work with and remains in constant contact when I have questions or concerns. I would gladly work with Ms. Milke in the future on a real estate transaction. Respectfully, Steve Corn
read more... 03/23/2012


REALTOR: Camille Milke
I recently purchased a home on a real estate contract through Camille Milke. All communications leading up to the contract signing were prompt and professional. The real estate contract was concise and well-defined. All financial transactions that took place through Mrs. Milke went seamlessly. The entire process was nothing but professional. Respectfully, Michael Lawrence
read more... 03/23/2012

Brandy M. Foster

REALTOR: Camille Milke
I have had the pleasure of getting to know Camille Milke of Realty Authority in the last few months. I had contacted her late November 2011 over my interest in a house she had advertised for sale, unfortunately the house had already been taken off the market, regardless of that, Camille was very professional and yet able to put us at ease enough that I felt comfortable to continue working with her in my search for a new home. I am very happy with my decision. Camille is not only excellent at what she does she is also very knowledgeable and knows how to break things down into very simple “layman” terms for someone like me who doesn’t know much about Real Estate. She makes transactions as smooth as possible and always strives to make sure that the terms are reasonable and acceptable to everyone involved. I have had such a good experience with Camille and my home purchase and she has always shown herself to be ethical and honest in all she has done that I would highly recommend her to others as well as purchase from her again.
read more... 03/23/2012


REALTOR: Tiffany Strenk
Hope you sell a bunch so you can pay for the Hummer and all the gas.
read more... 03/20/2012

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