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REALTOR: Robert Petterson
Robert voce e munto lindo eu amo voce so fico triste por nao estar ai com voce Meu nome e caroline morro no brasil estado sao paulo sp ibiuna ainda vou poder ver voce um dia bjs...
read more... 01/10/2012


ARTICLE: Save money on your pockets
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read more... 01/10/2012


REALTOR: Jason Sant
Does anyone know where Jason can be located?
read more... 12/01/2011

Really Bad Choice

REALTOR: Tiffany Strenk
This lady is the scum of the earth. She seems nice on the outside, but she is fake. Beware!!!
read more... 11/28/2011

Danny Carillo

REALTOR: Stephan Preter
read more... 11/18/2011

Howard Koor

ARTICLE: 15 Strategies To Guarantee Your Home Gets SOLD!
Good thinking
read more... 11/17/2011

VeAnna Eads

REALTOR: Randy and Sandie Slafter
I haven't bought from them but Isure would like to hear from. Great friends back in the day
read more... 11/14/2011

J from Hamilton

REALTOR: Molly Greef
Molly is awesome. Use her.
read more... 11/05/2011

Aaron Karnwie

REALTOR: Jennifer Karnwie
Hi.Jennifer Karnwie I have been calling you to share my educational problem with you. thank God that thing is going well with me.please remmenber me in praye and support me as well.
read more... 10/30/2011

Brenda Starkey

REALTOR: Ann Wingo
Great Realtor--knew the area and spent time with us as a buyer. Would use again.
read more... 10/27/2011

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ARTICLE: Managing Your Real Estate Investment Cash Flow
That is easy to write such material. I have done this myself a lot of times.
read more... 10/27/2011

mortgage loans

REALTOR: Mary Certo and Mary Schemm
The credit loans suppose to be useful for guys, which would like to start their company. In fact, it is not very hard to receive a term loan.
read more... 10/25/2011

credit loans

REALTOR: Mary Certo and Mary Schemm
It's understandable that cash makes us disembarrass. But what to do if someone does not have cash? The only one way is to receive the personal loans or just small business loan.
read more... 10/25/2011

p.o. buyer

REALTOR: Mary Lynn White
She had me put 20% down, increase my offer by 10K when I wanted to lower my offer, and had me waive my appraisal. If I did not go through with the purchase, I would have lost my deposit. So many problems with the house!!! Everyone kept telling me to get out of the contract, but she made it impossible for me to do so. How does she sleep at night???
read more... 10/23/2011

Dirk Diggler

REALTOR: Mike Sannes
Dude seems strange. Looks like this long haired dude I hired to shovel horese crap in sun valley years ago.
read more... 10/15/2011

robin rathbun

REALTOR: Jason Sant
work with him at keller willams cost me 7 k on a 10 k stop pmnt when he did the paperwork wrong should have kicked his ass it also screwed his investor beware
read more... 10/05/2011


ARTICLE: Managing Your Real Estate Investment Cash Flow
Hello, it is a very good site. I will add it to favorites.
read more... 10/04/2011

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ARTICLE: Managing Your Real Estate Investment Cash Flow
This is the third time I found this site in google. I think it is better to add it to favourites.
read more... 10/01/2011

James Kazos

REALTOR: Jolene Dosdall
Shes a cunt
read more... 09/29/2011

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