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John Williams

REALTOR: Mike Vechery
Mike is the worst agent I have ever worked with.
read more... 01/28/2011


ARTICLE: Niceville, The Blue Water Bay Rentals
looking for 1 bedroom unfurnished for daugher and myself in june
read more... 01/27/2011

Tarsha Craft

REALTOR: Elbert Ruff
Hello old class mate?
read more... 01/24/2011

taken advantage of and th

REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Ecstatic--he was living in the house he evicted us from--rent free! He has since moved on. I have heard he's in North Harbour in Noblesville. Anyone know th status of the appeal on the Attorney General's case ruling? Just wondering. Haven't heard anything for some time!
read more... 01/10/2011


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
I wonder where Shrader is living.I have a feeling he duped someone and is living in their house and not making the mortgage payments. Then the house will go into foreclosure and he will move on again.
read more... 01/08/2011


REALTOR: Delroy Robinson
Great agent knows his job and do it with excellence and integrity. I would definately utilize the services of Delroy as my real estate broker. Hignly recommended!!
read more... 01/06/2011


REALTOR: Anand ManaDeva
He is my friend. I would like to know where he is and how he's doing. Love
read more... 01/06/2011

Sandra M.

REALTOR: Bill Sohl
I really enjoyed working with Bill Sohl. He was very professional & extremely nice. He would always let me know about the next step & selling process. Very patient about explaining all the details to me. I will definitely recommend him to my friends & family as the greatest realtor in Florida. I really enjoyed working with you Bill. Sincerely, Sandra
read more... 01/05/2011


REALTOR: Bill Sohl
GREAT JOB BILL! Keep up the great work! Thanks, Peggy
read more... 01/05/2011

Maggie Hulsey

REALTOR: Bill Sohl
We are still getting settled into our new home, but wanted to thank you for everything. It is a beautiful house and we are really happy there. As soon as we are ready to start entertaining and have a house warming, we will send you an invite. We look forward to our continued friendship. Maggie & Jim Hulsey
read more... 01/05/2011

Diane Wilke

REALTOR: Bill Sohl
Bill, I wanted to thank you sincerely for your hard work in helping me find my dream home. It's been a long haul for me and you came through with flying colors! I just love the place. I'm not offically moved in just yet. I want to paint the outside & interior (except for bathrooms!) So much to do, but it's been a joy to see the changes already. The wall is in & my daughter loves her new room. I'm very pleases with everything. You've been great! After a long week, we enjoyed our Japango gift certificate. Bill that was so kind of you & thank you again for finding me my beautiful home. Big hugs, Diane Wilke
read more... 01/05/2011

Brian Peterson

REALTOR: Bill Sohl
Bill Sohl was excellent throughout the entire process of selling our home. He is always quick to return a call, email, and reply to all of our texts. The advertising, the photographs that were professionally taken, along with Bill's attention to all the details certainly help sale our home in 3 1/2 weeks, which is unheard of in this market! Thanks Bill for your advice and services, we appreciate your hard work and your personal approach to the process. Best Regards, Rick, Cassie, and Alex Peterson Richard A. Peterson II, C.F.I, C.F.E.I., C.M.I.
read more... 01/05/2011

Jennifer Jones

REALTOR: Mike Stevenson
Mike Stevenson was the realator that was in charge of leasing the house for a nice couple named Robert and Sandra. From the begining Mike never did as he promised. We never got our locks changed, our maintenance orders were ignored ( even durning the hot water heater busting in the attic) He is just rude and sneaky. We started going to the home owner themselves for any issues that woulsd arise with the house.......... BUT the worst thing Mike did was he raised the rent without the owners approval.. The home owners promised us they were not going to raise the rent after the second year... We were unable to reach Robert and sandra so we gave our notice in November and signesd a lease elsewhere. When Robert found out he FLIPPED out.. He is now in court with Mike suing him and his company... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN
read more... 01/05/2011

Linda Cauley

REALTOR: Rosemary Diskin
Fabulous real estate agent
read more... 01/03/2011

Nancy Dubin

REALTOR: Nancy Dubin
I don't know what this site is all about, but I see a testimonial here about me from a person Blake Finley whom I do not know and never heard of. I would like to know why you publish these things without finding out whether they are valid or not. Can you provide details about this person as I would like to contact him myself!
read more... 01/02/2011


REALTOR: Kem and AC Roda
The most unprofessional realtor team I have ever dealt with.
read more... 12/29/2010

An other victim

REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Doug an Dan operate the same way.
read more... 12/29/2010


REALTOR: Robert Petterson
gatisimo se eu phudese casaria com ele e beijava ele uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
read more... 12/29/2010


REALTOR: Robert Petterson
gato lindo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii
read more... 12/29/2010

Luisa James

REALTOR: Eileen Stanley
Eileen Stanley is a phenomenal real estate agent. All of the houses that I have viewed were in fabulous condition and are some of the most unique houses that I have ever seen. I highly recommend her as a real estate agent. Luisa James
read more... 12/28/2010

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