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REALTOR: Linda Risden
Linda Risden is unethical and dishonest. I provided lawn and landscape services to her approximately 2 weeks ago and she did not pay me or return my calls. There is a lot of info pertaining to her allegedly enbezzeling a lot of money in Deerfield Beach out on the internet right now as well-just do a google search.
read more... 10/06/2010

taken advantage of and th

REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Just looked this up. I find it very interesting that Mr. Clary is representing Steve Ferrell and has POA. Mr. Ferrell is the owner of the home we were leasing. Mr. Clary WAS a business partner of Dan's!
read more... 10/04/2010

taken advantage of and th

REALTOR: Dan Shrader
really,WOW! I'll have to check this out. Over the weekend there was a moving van at our old house so I wonder if that's for Dan or if he's lied and gotten someone to lease a foreclosed home again! He's such a slimeball!
read more... 10/04/2010


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
mycase.in.gov under civil, family, & probate. You can look it up there, it is listed under Dan Shrader. Eviction hearing on 10/20 & damages hearing on 12/08
read more... 10/04/2010

taken advantage of and th

REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Justice---Where did you hear that he was being evicted and where is he being evicted from? He's been living in the house he evicted us from! I'd like to know where things stand from the attorney generals office.
read more... 10/04/2010


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
On 9/30/10 someone started eviction proceedings against Dan. I hope he winds up living under a bridge with all the other trolls!!
read more... 10/03/2010


REALTOR: Rene Hunter
HEY, OLD HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND, so because you don't have a life you entertain yourself by trying to slander people. This won't hurt anyone but you...your not very bright-they got your ip address
read more... 10/01/2010

Private Krankenversicheru

ARTICLE: Foreclosure Laws in Massachusettes (MA)
You made a few good points there. I did a search about the topic and hardly got any specific details on other websites, but then great to be here, really, appreciate that. - Lucas
read more... 10/01/2010


REALTOR: Ada Steppes
very good real estate company!
read more... 09/30/2010

Lori Ortiz

REALTOR: Yvonne Matticks
Some renters on our block just seem to know how to use the system get thier way, it is a shame that there are people like that. They make it harder for the rest of us to rent
read more... 09/27/2010

John James

REALTOR: Yvonne Matticks
Rita morgan is just upset becuase she got caught running an unlicened daycare and had damged the house and never paid her rent on time
read more... 09/27/2010

Staice Rice

REALTOR: Gary Sylak
My experience with Gary Sylak was horrible.
read more... 09/26/2010


REALTOR: Elbert Ruff
My husband and I talked to Elbert several years ago when we moved to Columbia. We were not ready to buy yet, but when we were ready we called him. He was very professional, always on time for appointments, and not pushy when showing homes. His knowledge of the home-buying process made us feel very comfortable. When we are ready to sell our home, he will be the first person we call.
read more... 09/22/2010

Joel Lane

REALTOR: Tom Matheson
Tom Matheson, What an excellent real estate broker he is. He was very knowledgeable and helpful to my wife and I
read more... 09/18/2010

Concerned Parent

REALTOR: Joanne Sizemore
Joanne Sizemore is a homewrecker who tea rs innocent children away from their families. Do not buy a home from her!
read more... 09/17/2010


REALTOR: Ann Wingo
read more... 09/16/2010

Liza Maxwell

REALTOR: Orlando Heras
I ha d a really good experience with this Realtor a couple of years ago, today browsing the internet I came across this website and I have the opportunity to write about my experience...A couple of years ago Orlando Heras not only found the property I was looking for he also found financing for us...as a matter fact he got us a 30 years fixed mortgage which now I appreciate even more than I appreciated back then. Thank you Orlando! I hope you are doing very good.
read more... 09/16/2010

sherry zimmer

REALTOR: Sherry Zimmer and Debra Zimmer
please call
read more... 09/16/2010


REALTOR: Camille Milke
i'd like to make a public apology to mrs milke, although some issues were not resolved, but i'm very impressed with the concern and thoughfulness that has been expressed by mrs milke during some tough times for me and i can relate to a serious loss in her own personal life.Thx, camille!
read more... 09/14/2010

Kathy & Dick Trickel

REALTOR: Nancy Sheehan
We were absolutely astonished at the wonderful service and caring attitude of this Realtor. Can't believe they are all like this.
read more... 09/14/2010

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