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Realtors testimonials (page #68)

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Jack Thompson

REALTOR: Camille Milke
Ripoff specialist extraordinaire!!!! THIEF!!!
read more... 06/05/2010

shantrail maycock

ARTICLE: Leasing Apartments - 10 Keys to Getting The Lease
I love the ideas with ten ways leasing to be sucessfull its a great idea!! thanks
read more... 06/01/2010


REALTOR: Sarah Weenig
I find you! ehrlich
read more... 05/28/2010

Phil and Linda

REALTOR: Iris Finn
Great agent and friend. Iris helped us get the best price on our new home. Iris is organized, very professional and real estate savy. Working with Iris has been a pleasure. I will recommend her to everyone needing a great agent.
read more... 05/26/2010

John Brown

REALTOR: Paige Wajsman
Awful service. Never a phone call back. Stay away!
read more... 05/25/2010


REALTOR: Tonisha Mitchell
Hey girl i haven't talk to u in a long time. U should give me a call at (760) 961-6934 call me if u get a chance please
read more... 05/21/2010

Jerry Anderson

REALTOR: Terry Leitzinger
Hey, if you really want to sell your home FAST, call Terry Leitzinger. He sold my sons home in no time. I also have several customers that have used him after trying for a long time with other real estate people and Terry sold their homes fast. Terry has the connections to get it done. You'll be happy with the results
read more... 05/21/2010

william kerivan

REALTOR: Sheryl Kerivan
Are you by any chance related to any of the Kerivans from Massachusetts? If so please call me at (603) 424-9205. Thanks Bill K
read more... 05/21/2010

Fred Fisher, Attorney at

REALTOR: Eve Olasov
May 18th, 2010 Eve F. Olasov is an excellent real estate broker. I have known Eve since Kindergarten, and she has successfully sold two (2) houses that I owned in Charleston. Eve is knowledgable when it comes to Charleston, South Carolina real esate. Furthermore, she is a nice lady, and, in my opinion, you could not place your home for sale with a more knowledgable real esate individual in Charleston. I give her 5 stars.
read more... 05/18/2010


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Regarding the question about having a license... you do not have to have a license to buy houses in that fashion
read more... 05/18/2010


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
I talked to Sally from Indiana Attorney General's office. She said to fill out a complaint for and submit, so that is what I am doing so hopefully the case will be made for criminal charges with enough documentation this has been going on. For anyone wanting more information on cases against Shrader, look on mycase.in.gov. Think it is time to start pooling forces and getting documentation out there for everyone. I also contacted Rafael from Call 6, with no response. I would think something as big as this could make his career as an investigative journalist. Suprised with no response.
read more... 05/13/2010

Bob Rabonowitz

REALTOR: Judy Levy
She is a cheat & Scoundrel I would never use her of her firm.She is only looking for her own self interest.
read more... 05/11/2010

mark Cullen

REALTOR: Jena Carolan
where my land e-mail
read more... 05/10/2010


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Best tv ever!!! Thanks for the heads up anon!
read more... 05/09/2010


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
On the channel 6 website,click on the watchdog section to the left.Shrader wouldn't talk to Rafael.
read more... 05/08/2010


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Check out the Channel 6 website to see what happened to Shrader at the Hamilton County Courthouse yesterday 5/7.The Attorney General has filed suit against him.
read more... 05/08/2010


REALTOR: Lee Wilbanks
I agree. I bought a house from this guy a few years ago and I felt like he screwed me over. He argued with me when I wanted to put in a lower bid. It's obvious he has his own motives. I agree with John, he's a shady character.
read more... 05/06/2010


REALTOR: Lee Wilbanks
Lee Wilbanks is a shiester! He's a crook with his own interests instead of his clients. He manipulated listings and didn't share lower priced listings in an effort to make a larger commission. He's a shady character and I'd look elsewhere for an agent that is honest.
read more... 05/06/2010


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Would he need a license if he purchases homes on contract? He also advertises for investors, maybe he uses their good credit for a percentage.
read more... 05/06/2010


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Which website?
read more... 05/06/2010

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