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fuck you

ARTICLE: Stop Mortgage Foreclosure - Sizzling Hidden Tips And Strategies Revealed
keep reading, you say. you're just a fucking shyster, trying to get your hook in my wallet, you filthy slimy bastard. you are the fucking buzzard circling the carcass. you thrive off the stench.
read more... 03/01/2010

deena congdon

REALTOR: Deena Congdon
The realty cities are wrong on the website. I offer help finding property in Orr, Cook, Crane Lake, Kabetogama and Rainy Lake
read more... 02/28/2010

Sr. Star

REALTOR: Robert Petterson
You are simply too lol
read more... 02/25/2010


ARTICLE: Home quick sale
Thank you for this article. We are faced with possibly a foreclosure and I was told about a quick sale from a friend and had NO clue what it was.
read more... 02/23/2010


REALTOR: Robert Petterson
robert eu te amo
read more... 02/20/2010

William Good

REALTOR: Neil Rabe
Neil helped us find the perfect home. He was completely professional throughout the entire process except the one time I wasn't around and he hit on my wife. Highly recommended.
read more... 02/18/2010


REALTOR: Shila (Shahla) Ghademi
she did graet job ,she sold our house,I bouth my house with her again she did great,thanks shila
read more... 02/17/2010


REALTOR: Walt Hurtt
This guy has no ethics. He hired me to do a job for him then when we were done he refused to pay me. The total job cost was $6000.00 and I didn't get one cent of it.
read more... 02/17/2010

gary kern

REALTOR: Gary Kern
read more... 02/15/2010

John Smith

REALTOR: Krishna Lundgard
Her real estate license has been revoked.
read more... 02/09/2010


REALTOR: Robert Petterson
read more... 02/09/2010


REALTOR: Robert Petterson
read more... 02/09/2010

Joan Lapadula

REALTOR: Arlene Rampulla
We have used her for every home with have bought or sold, a professional realtor she certainly takes the time and tries her hardest to match you to what you are looking for. Would not use anyone else when it comes to real estate, kind lady
read more... 02/07/2010

Mae Gellman

REALTOR: Arlene Rampulla
The most professional, knowledgable and caring realtor I have ever had the pleasure dealing with, she is a real person, she cares
read more... 02/07/2010

Nathan Rigger

REALTOR: Lilo Clacher
Lilo has been our Realtor on three transactions. She is absolutely great. We would never use any other Realtor
read more... 02/07/2010

robert mccall

REALTOR: Rosemary Sauter
Justice Department searching for Sauter Agents have arrest warrant, cite many complaints about escrow money
read more... 02/07/2010


REALTOR: Rosemary Sauter
She fast and loose. Took over 30 days to get earnest money back on a deal where the contract was not accepted. Always the check is in the mail routine.
read more... 02/07/2010


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
I must say I have enjoyed the rental income thanks to your great property management! Thanks for doing the annual inspections and providing the informative data to me. It's nice to know what's going on INSIDE the rentals. You're the best! Keep up the good work. I appreciate YOU
read more... 02/07/2010

Alma Martinez

REALTOR: Margaret Holland
Margaret was so patient and understanding with us. She really took her time to take care of us and found us the best deal around. thanks, Margo
read more... 02/06/2010

Ralph Johnson

REALTOR: Margaret Holland
She is a smart negotiator. Deals with other agents to get the best deal possible. I have purchased two properties with her and highly recommend her
read more... 02/06/2010

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