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REALTOR: Bill Sill
Beware of Bill Sill, Lies on listing over quotes square footage to make his listing look better. Lies to your face to make the deal. So if you are looking for a home stay clear of this one. If your looking to sell or lease a home double check this dirty dog he has alot of tricks up his sleeves.
read more... 11/20/2009

Lt. Col US Air Force Fran

REALTOR: Michael J. Nelson
I am Stationed in Afganastan and my wife and family needed to buy a home at our new station Davis Monthan AFB, Michael helped my wife and made the purchase for me as smooth as if I was in Tucson but wasn't. Thank you Michael I will recomend you to all my Squardron.
read more... 11/18/2009

Blake Finley

REALTOR: Nancy Dubin
Nancy Dubin is the worst real estate agent ever, she lies all the time and takes advantage of anyone she can, she should loose her licence and be locked up, do not work with her no matter what! She is a crook and nothing else.
read more... 11/17/2009

abner pobh

Steve is the greatest agent EVER! He sold me a million dollar house for $400,000! Genius!
read more... 11/15/2009

Harry Barker

REALTOR: Kathy McNamara
She attended welding school and I believe is now doing body work somewhere in KC
read more... 11/15/2009


REALTOR: Lorna J Mellen
clean as a pin. Dipped in peroxide. She rocks.
read more... 11/13/2009

Elba Cortez

REALTOR: Michael J. Nelson
Michael Helped me buy my first home in order to get the $8000 tax credit. The whole experience was very easy because of Michael. I will recomend him to all my friends and family.
read more... 11/13/2009

Cheryl E

REALTOR: Diane Kirvan
It is my opinion that her ethics are questionable. I think she is one of the sharks very greedy . Just be very careful
read more... 11/12/2009

Lisa Grant

REALTOR: Barbara Saggese
Barbara was extremely helpful and she worked very hard to make our dream of owning a new home come true! You won't find a more caring, knowledgeable real estate agent anywhere.
read more... 11/11/2009

Lisa G.

REALTOR: Barbara Saggese
Barbara was extremely knowledgeable, caring and worked very hard to help us make our dream of owning a new home come true!
read more... 11/11/2009

Ed Graves

REALTOR: Elbert Ruff
Young Mr. Ruff was patient and very professional. He did not rush us, but explained every step in the buying process. He was a godsend.
read more... 11/10/2009

Ed Graves

REALTOR: Elbert Ruff
Young Mr. Ruff was patient and very professional. He did not rush us, but explained every step in the buying process. He as a godsend.
read more... 11/10/2009

norman snyder

REALTOR: Sue Yates
Are you the Sue Yates who gradulated from ribault in 1962 ? Norman Snyder
read more... 11/09/2009


REALTOR: Robert Petterson
for you are alone
read more... 11/07/2009

old high school friend

REALTOR: Rene Hunter
Hey, what ever happened to that son you adopted out back in Iowa? I know that first abortion must have been tough. It must of been tough dropping out of high school and getting married to a real loser when you were 16. Hope things are going better for you
read more... 11/05/2009

don corleone

REALTOR: Howard Witz
well my friend are you ready to do me a service !!!!!!!
read more... 11/05/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Her main responsibility is to maintain and keep our rental property profitable. She has advertised and screened our tenants. She personally showed our apartments at the convenience of the renters. She was able to prepare leases, which were agreeable to all parties. I trust Kathryn to supervise any repairs or alterations the tenants need. Kathryn has a wide range of professionals to call on for all areas of repair including plumbing, sewer, lock repair and window replacement ?? all of which we have used. In each case the price was reasonable, the work was done to our satisfaction, and it was completed in a timely fashion. Kathryn has always represented herself in a professional manor. She pays repair bills on time and the accounting is always accurate and submitted promptly. She is easy to contact and follows through with all requests. She maintains an accurate accounting of our rental property for tax purposes. I would highly recommend Kathryn MacGeraghty and Blue Sage Realty for anyone considering keeping rental property without headaches.
read more... 11/03/2009

Mike Smith

REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Dan Shrader has done the same thing to us. I wonder how many more are out there. He collected rent for 8 months yet hasn't paid the mortgage. He will be out of business soon. I will see to it.
read more... 11/02/2009


REALTOR: Robert Petterson
MIM ADD NO ORKUT EU TE AMO se um dia vc ler isso qro q vc mim add e mande um beijo para mim e para as minhas amigas te AMAMOS de mais mim liga 86624445
read more... 11/02/2009

Jan Bloom

REALTOR: Betty Laboska
Betty Labiska sold our home in Freehold NJ while we were living in Kentucky. She was professional and very aggressive in getting the job done. SHe took care f the entire transaction and all we had to do is come up to move furniture and go to the closing.
read more... 11/02/2009

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