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kathy tapp

REALTOR: Robert Gavette
bob was a great realtor for my husband and I. we came to florida from ky looking for a retirement home. bob looked up properties for us and drove us to look at those properties and he went above and beyond to help us through the whole buying process. i would greatly recommend him and if we should need a realtor again we will definitely contact him.
read more... 10/15/2009

Maria Castillo

REALTOR: Armando Aguila
Hello, Would you be so kind to email me?? My email address is: castillo0940@sbcglobal.net I'd like to send a flyer on some of the products we have to offer for our home buyers. Thank you so much.
read more... 10/15/2009

Maria Castillo

Hello MR. David, What is your email address? ' Please send to castillo0940@sbcglobal.net Thank you so much.
read more... 10/15/2009

Get your Facts

REALTOR: Sandra Mathewson
Booooo! Shame on you for spreading rumors & lies about the Fernley City Council!
read more... 10/15/2009


REALTOR: Matthew Medlin
he sucks dick
read more... 10/15/2009

Nancy Ryan

REALTOR: Tim Payne
How can I find out about government grants to buy real estate in CA
read more... 10/14/2009

jose g

REALTOR: Kent Gagon
He is hot and very sexy
read more... 10/13/2009

Dale LaForest

REALTOR: Iris Finn
Iris is a fantastic realtor. She was tireless in finding the perfect place for our family in a very tight schedule. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and worked very hard for us. I recommend Iris highly to all home buyers who want a fantastic agent!
read more... 10/13/2009

Troy McMillan

REALTOR: Lee Katterman
I had one of the worst Real Estate transactions you can imagine! Calls weren't returned, paperwork was sloppy or undelivered, terrible!!! Think twice before using this guy.
read more... 10/12/2009

sueann brown

hey we need real help in our neighborhood. Alot of homeowners are calling our community-ghetto by the sea! well things on my street are very, very, bad. we try to ignore it. we need to unite and let the out of state owners-autually do the background check let us make ormonod by the sea be ormond by the sea-not ghetto by the sea!!
read more... 10/11/2009


REALTOR: Alice Zaganczyk
Mrs. Zaganczyk is the worst property manager I have ever dealt with. She lies to potential tenants. She doesn't keep the grounds up. She doesn't fix things that are broken. You can never get hold of her. She is rather hostile and negative if you don't agree with her. I would not recommend this agent to anyone.
read more... 10/10/2009

lakpa sherpa

REALTOR: Suzzi Bussacco
read more... 10/08/2009

Mrs. Kingly

REALTOR: Joan Rosenberg
A great Real Estate experienc. Joan was knowledgable, professional and patient. She found us just what we were looking for. I would not hesitate to use Joan for all of my Real Estate transactions.
read more... 10/06/2009

Phil Berrey

REALTOR: Roger Berrey
trustworthy, honest agent
read more... 10/06/2009


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Do not fall for Dan's deal. He will take your home from you, and leave the mortgage company to foreclose on you without making his payments he committed to. He promised to lease to buy option my house and now it is in foreclosure after not making the mortgage payments for 8 months, yet illegally accepting rent during those 8 months.
read more... 10/05/2009

Leslie Baines

REALTOR: Lynn Yates
Lynn is the most conscientious, patient and persistent realtor I have ever known. She works very hard to find and sell your home. She helped find my current home and I chose her again not that I'm ready to sell. Lynn is fabulous!
read more... 10/04/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Thank you... Thank you ... Thank you! I can not thank you enough. Your professionalism and diligence is greatly appreciated by out of state owners, who truly never have to worry about anything. You have an amazing team, led by a great leader!
read more... 10/04/2009


REALTOR: Kevin Vasquez
Great Real Estate agent. I highly reccommend him for buying or selling in Tampa Bay, Florida
read more... 10/03/2009


REALTOR: Robert Petterson
te adoro miguxo tenho todos os seus dvds bjssssssssssss
read more... 10/03/2009


REALTOR: Rodney Jennings
He is a smart-ass. lying chicken****
read more... 10/02/2009

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