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REALTOR: Robert Petterson
adolo vc e os filmes em que vc faz sao os melhores em q vi ate agora. bjs tutuco.: e isso ai...
read more... 10/01/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Hi thought I should day that they've been good to me, they actually explained the lease to me, none of my landlords have done that for me before. I like the house its really clean yard is nice
read more... 09/28/2009


REALTOR: Geri Doyle
This was the worst experience. Geri is the most dishonest realtor we have ever worked with. She never showed up on time for the open house and was very hard to get a hold of for anything. Stay clear of this one.
read more... 09/24/2009

Garry Tolliver

REALTOR: Kimberly Lewis
Very smart and knows her stuff
read more... 09/24/2009

Jim Smith

REALTOR: Shila (Shahla) Ghademi
Not happy with this agent. Shahla showed my house. Lower thermostat, turn on lights without turning them off IGNORING SHOWING INSTRUCTIONS.
read more... 09/23/2009

Marie Meyer

You have reccomended Ormond Kayak Center as honest. I have been trying for months to get money from them for selling my kayaks. Either they can be trusted or not. After weekly calls, always with promises to pay, I sure do not think they deserve your endorsement
read more... 09/22/2009

Jeff White

REALTOR: Valerie Torelli
I have sold and bought with this company and they give good service, right on with values and finish what they say they are going to do.
read more... 09/21/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Please disregard the comment by Kathryn below as there are hundreds of tenants with similar issues posted on Yelp, Yahoo, Google and see for yourself!
read more... 09/21/2009

mary jo kindlesparker

REALTOR: Cathy Leonard
cathy is wonderful and I need her help again! please call 847 658 3774
read more... 09/21/2009

Sue Walser

REALTOR: Edward Pajor
I have bought and sold 3 times with Ed and he was great helping every step of the way.
read more... 09/20/2009

Frank DeGennaro

REALTOR: Linda Viglietta
Linda Viglietta is a very special real estate agent. I met her through my sister, who found a great deal on a house in a beautiful section of Congers working with Linda. Linda had also helped my parents to sell their house and she had sold my brother's house and she sold him his new house. Linda is conscientious, caring, friendly and diligent. I had come out of a bad financial situation when I met Linda so I had limited funds to spend on a condominium but Linda would not allow me to settle for anything that she did not think was a great deal. She showed me several apartments, displaying a great deal of patience with this first time buyer, and we eventually found the most incredible apartment in Nanuet. It was a spacious condo in a nice, quiet neighborhood. Linda will go out of her way for you and she will never forget you. I would wholeheartedly recommend Linda Viglietta to anybody who wants to work with somebody who will be honest, trustworthy and easygoing.
read more... 09/19/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
If you're looking for a company that agrees with whatever you want as a tenant, please look elsewhere. The 3 reviews you find here are just one tenant that doesn't like our policies (e.g. pay rent and security deposit in a timely way). That is out of 150 properties and 8 years in business. We are proud of our services and our properties.
read more... 09/19/2009


REALTOR: Kathy Roush
hey girl my grandma`s name is kathy roush also
read more... 09/18/2009

connie hilbert

REALTOR: Sydna Miller Reed
She was probably the best agent I had ever met. Honest, and with so much integrity! What a joy to work with! Found us just what we were looking for.
read more... 09/18/2009


REALTOR: Jeffrey Baker
Jeffrey Baker is a crook and and I would never trust him or his business to help me purchase a home!!
read more... 09/18/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
Well Mitch that is the problem...Kathryn is nice as pie to get the owners what they want while she treats tenants like DIRT. Glad you have been fortunate enough to see the other side of the fence.
read more... 09/16/2009


REALTOR: Kathryn MacGeraghty
I was fortunate enough to know a couple who had gone through 4 property managers before they found Blue Sage Realty. They saved me the pain and trouble of filtering through all the terrible property managers out there. I have only positive things to say about them from a owners perspective.
read more... 09/15/2009


REALTOR: Rosemary Sauter
Word of advice; if you are looking to buy real estate in the Caribbean, choose another realtor. My experience with Rosemary was very unpleasant. I called Rosemary because I am working on behalf of a client and wanted to familiarize myself with condo buildings in the Charlotte Amalie area. I clearly stated this to Rosemary and her response was “What is my fee for this, my time is very valuable.” I was looking for 5 minutes of Rosemary’s time. Apparently Rosemary doesn’t want any referral work from a corporate client. Considering her egocentric attitude and the dearth of market activity today, I highly doubt she could sell a hotdog on the beach, let alone a luxury condominium.
read more... 09/14/2009


REALTOR: Joel Garcia
I prefer going with someone else who does things the right way.
read more... 09/13/2009

Sarah DeMarco

REALTOR: Michael J. Nelson
I am a single foster mother of 11 speacila needs children and Michael and his assistants made selling my home and buying a new one smooth and simple. If you need a knowledgable Realtor Michael J Nelson is your man.
read more... 09/13/2009

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