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Realtors testimonials (page #81)

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Brent Faulk

REALTOR: Nathan Walldorf
“Nathan comes from a long history of Real Estate professionals. His expert advice comes from many years of being in the field. I bought my current house from him and had a wonderful experience. There are many realtors out there but few that would measure up to Nathan's ability and integrity. Next time you are looking for a house be sure to include Nathan in your search.” December 19, 2009
read more... 12/21/2009

Justice for all

REALTOR: Dan Shrader
Let's all agree Dan isn't the most forthright man to due business with,anyone want to picket his offices?
read more... 12/21/2009

Tim Fedderson

REALTOR: Kathy McNamara
She may do body work during the day but I'm pretty sure she is bartending in Olathe most nights.
read more... 12/20/2009

Kim Smith

REALTOR: Kris Weaver
Kris Weaver was one of the most inexperienced realtors I have ever met. Not only did he NOT meet any of our needs, he was rude and half the time we couldn't get a hold of him. I personally felt like I was at the bottom of his priority list and as a client this is not acceptable. I went elsewhere for my business.
read more... 12/17/2009

Heng Kay

REALTOR: Michael J. Nelson
Michael helped me buy a foreclosure investment and was very knowledgeable and professional. Will use him again.
read more... 12/17/2009

stephanie kayden

REALTOR: Mary Lynn White
This agent did not protect my interests and I lost my earnest money deposit. Be careful to get all the pages of your contract from her.
read more... 12/15/2009

Tim Sceggel

REALTOR: Nathan Walldorf
I used Nathan as my real estate agent to purchase my home in April 2008. I was extremely impressed with his integrity and knowledge of the industry. I felt at ease knowing he was representing me. I have recommended him to all my friends seeking an agent and plan to use him again when I sell my house
read more... 12/08/2009

Mike Covington

REALTOR: Nathan Walldorf
Nathan did a great job in getting my home sold. I would use him again in a heartbeat.
read more... 12/08/2009

Joy Stanton

REALTOR: Nathan Walldorf
Nathan is trustworthy, dependable, and enjoyable to work with. He made our house buying experience a pleasant and successful one and we would recommend him to anyone without reservation.
read more... 12/08/2009

Jonathan Scott

REALTOR: Nathan Walldorf
I would highly recommend Nathan to anyone who has any real estate needs in the Chattanooga area. Nathan worked extensively and in a very personal way to help us look for a new home over a long period of time. My wife and I were extremely thankful that we could work with someone reliable, honest, and hard working. I would definitely say that he went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us purchase our new home, working with us throughout the entire process and answering any questions that we had.
read more... 12/08/2009

Kathy Foster

REALTOR: Willie Stewart
Willie helped me buy my house and she was awesome! She took care of all the details right up to the time I moved in my new home. I recommend her to anyone
read more... 12/05/2009

future homebuyer

REALTOR: Sandy Pattock-Beeler
Very rude!!!
read more... 12/05/2009

Bernadette Shaw

REALTOR: Jim Olson and Dave Villabona
I have to admit, I was very scared when I purchased my first home but Jim was very patient and understanding and talked though every aspect of the home buying process. I had a wonderful experience and if I ever purchase another home I hope Jim can help me out. Thank you Jim for heling myself and my family establich ourselves as 'first time home buyers'
read more... 12/03/2009

disappointed sellers

REALTOR: Dan Shrader
We sold our house by land contract to Dan Shrader and he received payments from the tenant but did not make the mortgage payments. Our credit has been damaged beyond repair and Dan does not return our calls and is not doing anything to resolve this issue.
read more... 12/02/2009


REALTOR: Dan Shrader
To everyone who has had a dealing with Dan Shrader please post a note on this website
read more... 12/02/2009

Teresa Welch

REALTOR: Michael J. Nelson
Michael Helped me buy my first home and he made it very easy. I was so nervous about buying but Michael was so helpful and helped me understand everything.
read more... 12/01/2009

Sy Friedman

REALTOR: Lloyd Feinberg
Doesnt return phone calls...seems hyper-active and has a very bad temper. Also not a well informed broker.
read more... 11/30/2009


REALTOR: Terry Hewitt
Great, great, great, she knows what she's doing and it shows!
read more... 11/30/2009

sabina zajmi

REALTOR: Nuri Avdula
he is the best
read more... 11/30/2009

Carl McIntyre

REALTOR: Hugh Brown
Hugh was great! Sold our home with personal service and treated us like family
read more... 11/29/2009

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