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REALTOR: Shauna Hooker
Worst agent I have ever had to deal with. Avoid at all cost!
read more... 08/20/2009


REALTOR: Lance Blackburn
One of the best personalities to help you find a great house. He really listens, very good with finding a large listing of homes in the area you want. I ended up with a great deal more house for the money than I would have without him! Excellent with communications. And on top of all that; helped me save over 1400 in insurance on the home and my car! He is wonderful
read more... 08/19/2009

Amelio Anetri

REALTOR: Louie Aceti
Lou and Sheila are my Realtor for my life, they help me so much, I am now on my third invetsment home and going to buy 3 more from them
read more... 08/19/2009

No Thanks, He knows where

REALTOR: Sal Del Cid
Sal is a nice guy but a terrible real estate agent. He doesn't negotiate at all which ends up costing you a lot of money in the long run. He's a pushover and doesn't want make any demands/ request since he only wants to close a deal (not get a good deal). This is a buyers market and he always forgot that, letting the seller's agent railroad him. If you want a fair deal on a house get someone else. He's nice but he's TERRIBLE. If I could have fired him I would have. Since buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you can make, I would say having Sal as my real estate agent was the biggest mistake of my life.
read more... 08/18/2009

Pam Brightbill

REALTOR: Andy Walker
Are you the 32 year old Andy that I met at Show and Tell in Philly this past Saturday night??? You were at a bachelor party with 20 other guys and I was at a bachelorette party with not that many girls. I probably shouldn't have looked you up like this, but I thought I would see if it worked. And I really enjoyed talking to you that night. I wish I could've talked philosophy with you for the rest of the night into the morning. ;-) Email me if you have a chance to and if you want.
read more... 08/18/2009

Mark and Darlene

REALTOR: David Fetterhoff
Highly recommend...David is the greatest!!!
read more... 08/17/2009

Ben Foreman

REALTOR: Camille Milke
Camille was the only Realtor that was able to get my home sold after it sat on the market for over a year. She brought a buyer to see it the day she put up the sign. That particular buyer didn't purchase it, but she had all sorts of groups and tours going through my home until it felt like half of Albuquerque walked through to view and finally I had a buyer who was interested. Camille fought long and hard to get me my price and I finally got out from under a payment that was making my life extremely difficult. Thank you Camille, I appreciate all of your hard work and long hours.
read more... 08/15/2009

Madeleine Stephens

REALTOR: Camille Milke
I had a great transaction with Camille. She had a huge amount of integrity and she worked hard to make certain I found the house I wanted. She patiently and happily showed me several dozen houses before I found my dream home. I will always refer her to my friends and family who are looking for a great Realtor.
read more... 08/15/2009

milo briz

REALTOR: Carlota Joven Caracut
hi! i just wanna know if this is carlota a friend of mine way back in cebu. u can contact me to my personal phone 17735800228. im here in chicago, illinois. thanks.
read more... 08/15/2009

Sara Shoeman

REALTOR: Dana Yarter
Absolutely horrible real estate agent. Please do not use her; she is a complete lier.
read more... 08/12/2009


REALTOR: Chet Lang
Erratum. Lang is an absolute and certifiable fraud. Beware!!!
read more... 08/10/2009


REALTOR: Chet Lang
Lang is an absoulte and ceritiable fraud. Beware!!!
read more... 08/10/2009

Ruth DeStefanis

REALTOR: Hugh Brown
Hugh sold our home quickly, honestly and gave great advice along the way. I would use him again
read more... 08/09/2009


REALTOR: Linda Tipton
hi londan I miss you so much
read more... 08/09/2009

John Dosera

REALTOR: John Raudsep
John Raudsep is a crook. Period.
read more... 08/08/2009

Jaime Popkey

REALTOR: Steve Brightwell
Steve Brightwell is such a good person and agent. He helped me find the house of my dreams and always made sure I understood the whole process. He goes over and beyond just being your agent. He is a friend and is there to answer any questions anytime. Steve Brightwell will continue to be my agent in the future because he is an honest and good hearted individual. Thanks Steve!
read more... 08/08/2009

Judy B

REALTOR: Tim Pfannenstiel
Tim is always professional and is highly motivated. He listens closely to what you say and gives just what you ask. We are very happy with our home.
read more... 08/07/2009

The Marshalls

REALTOR: Nazarene J Frazier
Nazarene was very knowledgeable and patient in helping us find our home here in Nashville. We would recommend her to any of our friends and family.
read more... 08/07/2009

Josh R.

REALTOR: Jim Olenbush
Jim has helped us buy and sell several homes over the years. We highly recommend him.
read more... 08/06/2009

Jeff Hutchinson

REALTOR: Jason Sant
I've worked with Jason for several years, and have made a lot of money. He's always been completely up front, and brutally honest, which I know some people dont like. Not sure what the problems below are, but I guess a lot of people have lost money in real estate over the last few years because of the crash. Everyone wants a scapegoat...
read more... 08/05/2009

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