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M and T

REALTOR: Camille Milke
Me and my husband have contracted a lease to own agreement on our home. We have found that Camille is honest, trustworthy and a delight to work with. Our home was exactly what we were hoping for, she made it all possible and we are bless to have known her. Thanks Camille for making our dream come true. Marsha and Trinidad Saiz
read more... 04/16/2013

Kevin B.

REALTOR: Camille Milke
To whom it may concern, I found this website after I purchased a home from Camille Milke (in October of 2011). I am thrilled I found Camille because my house is great! My family never could have bought a house if it wasn't for Camille and her husband. I started as a Lease to Own and then converted to a Real Estate Contract. The whole process is easy as pie. All I need to do is make my monthly payment (actually it gets deducted from my bank account automatically) just like I would for any house I buy or rent but the difference with Camille is she understands some people don't have great credit and still want to buy a house! I would not hesitate to tell all of my friends to call Camille for a house. Especially if they can't get a loan right now. From a happy homeowner in New Mexico.
read more... 04/16/2013


REALTOR: Camille Milke
Bought a great house and got a great deal from Camille. Love it! Thanks Camille
read more... 04/10/2013


ARTICLE: Myrtle Beach condo accommodations " the tourists" choice
Find out why the REAL ESTATE MARKET IS THE BEST PLACE TO INVEST RIGHT NOW ESPECIALLY FOR BEGINNERS!!! wwwdotDare2Dreamdotbiz. Or call 310.356.7027. We'll buy you lunch, too!!! And you can use your IRA to INVEST TAX-FREE!!!?? 310.356.7027
read more... 03/30/2013


REALTOR: Sharon Alexander
this may sound a bit silly i am Wally and Diane's granddaughter and you conuetr tops look beautiful miss yall more than you know michele
read more... 03/30/2013


ARTICLE: Sell a Home, not House!
Having been through the bus tour svearel years ago, I can still remember the feeling of excitement when it ended to go out and conquer the real estate world. Looking back I know I was able to keep that fire alive day after day my reminding myself of where I was and where I wanted to be. Armando helps gives us the courage and tools to move forward on our dreams and accomplish what most people will only fantasize about. Our team currently owns over 150 income producing properties and we have flipped over 30 homes the last few years. Thanks Armando.Dan LyonsBurlingame, CA
read more... 03/30/2013


ARTICLE: House vs. Rent in Some Areas ... My Short Sale Experience
Hi Melissa! Welcome to the wonderful world of real etsate! That's a great question for you to ask your RE Teacher. Also, are you planning on working with a large re company or an independent? My suggestion is start off with a business plan. Notify your sphere of influence .tell your family, friends, neighbors, so they will tell their family, friends, neighbors, etc., send out announcement cards, then follow up with phone calls to your sphere. Word of mouth is the best advertising and it's free. Try to get a listing so you can meet buyers. If you can't get a listing soon, offer to do as many open houses for other agents as you can. Get out there and network. Go after expireds and fsbo's. Have many things going on at a time because wasting time means there's a gap between paychecks. I have quite a few active buyers right now, some I have just recently met and others I have been showing properties to for the past 4 to 5 months and some longer. Anyway, typically, 45 days to closing and then you get paid. Good Luck .any questions, feel free to email!
read more... 03/30/2013


ARTICLE: Voting Housing Consumers to Washington, D.C. "We Are Too Big to Fail"
I miss all of the excitement and eengry. I can't wait to see all of the good people that I met at the Armando Bus Tour. I'll be back on future bus tours. I'm closing on my third property on Sept 13 and I just had a fourth property offer accepted today. Life is good and so is everything that Armando and hisstudents are doing for each other.Thanks Armando and God Bless.
read more... 03/30/2013


ARTICLE: Purchase Cheap Houses For Sale In Chicago: Where Are These Great Investments?
I enjoy you because of your whole labor on this web site. Kim eonjys working on investigations and it's obvious why. All of us notice all relating to the lively way you deliver precious solutions via the website and even welcome contribution from the others on the area while our princess is certainly discovering a lot of things. Take pleasure in the rest of the year. You're doing a tremendous job.
read more... 03/30/2013


ARTICLE: Short course of Real Estate Listings
Mike-The easiest way to pseotrt is to complete the form provided by the Linn County Assessor's office with supporting documents. Your best supporting document will be your purchase agreement if it was purchased within the last 12 months as well as a cash flow budget. You'll have to turn in the paper work by May 5th and then you will be set a hearing date. The hearing is with the appeals board and you will have 7 minutes to defend yourself and your position as to why the assessment should be dropped. Finally, you will be notified by mail if your assessment is changed or not.Let me know if you have any further questions or need further assistance.Stephanie FeussPresidentLandlords of Linn County
read more... 03/30/2013


ARTICLE: Art of coupage - sorry - mortgage
A mortgage is a loan on a house since most peolpe don't have enough cash to buy a home.Cash Advance means several things but it is borrowing. It used to always mean you went to your employer and said you were having financial problems and wanted an advance on your wages. This was usually before your first payday because you might have to work several weeks to get your first check or worse work a few days one pay period then wait until payday to get a tiny amount then wait another pay check to get a first full check. So after working a week or two and still having a week or more to wait you ask for an advance and they deduct it from your first paycheck.Then credit cards started loaning money at high rates on your credit cards and calling it cash advance.Now payday lenders are calling it cash advances and they charge you a high fee to have you give them a post dated check.
read more... 03/30/2013


ARTICLE: Pricing is the Key to a Quicker Home Sale
Time does fly, doesn't it. I hope you're doing OK. Got your IM the other day but you weren't online when I saw it. I hope we can catch up soon. *hugs*
read more... 03/30/2013


ARTICLE: Huge loss in home values cratered the Bay Area economy
I have to be honest and say that I am pttrey much over the snow lol. Actually that isn't strictly true! I love the snow, its the ice and slush I am over lol. This cake looks fab, must bake one for our next snow day ;0)
read more... 03/30/2013


REALTOR: Teresa McCants
If you have administrative soruppt experience, another way to learn about the real estate business is to find a position as a real estate assistant for an agent or real estate brokerage. High in demand and allows you to learn all the details. From there you can make an informed decision whether to take the classes required by your state to obtain an agent's license.
read more... 03/30/2013


ARTICLE: Buy, Sell or Rent: Americans Rewrite the Dream
IMHO you've got the right awsner!
read more... 03/30/2013


ARTICLE: Getting Best Foreclosures
You can usually drop the PMI once you have 20-25% eiqtuy in your home. Check with your mortgage company. (You may have to pay fro an appraisal to verify the value of your home determine the actual eiqtuy).
read more... 03/29/2013


ARTICLE: Advises for those who want to sale home
Older 100%, we've done the new. And after a few years became uecnehantnd. Between the house settling and trying to get warrenty work (not getting into that), and privacy. When our backyard after ten feet became our neighbours front yard. Was not for us. With older it can be a headache and a surprise of whats next to go'? We are redoing our deck this summer since all the tiles are literally falling off. But for the character and privacy (10 mature trees) I wouldnt have it any other way
read more... 03/29/2013


ARTICLE: What the hell RRSP is?
Felt so hopeless lokonig for answers to my questions...until now.
read more... 03/29/2013


ARTICLE: Staging Denver Homes For Sale
Wonderful task below. I must say i favored evhynteirg you had to declare. Retain heading simply because you certainly take the latest words to the matter. Not necessarily many individuals would likely express just what exactly youve claimed nevertheless cause it to helpful. Well, not less than I am serious. Can not wait around to see far more of this from you.
read more... 03/28/2013


ARTICLE: Pricing is the Key to a Quicker Home Sale
Wow, that's a really clever way of thikinng about it!
read more... 03/28/2013

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